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Wednesday, 02 March, 2016
Beverly Almond – an Ageless Adventurer

Eine Buchbesprechung von Michael Henderson der Biographie von Anne Hamlin über ihre Mutter Beverly Almond. Nach dem Angriff auf die USA 1941 suchte die junge Beverly das Abenteuer und ging nach Washington DC , um für das Pentagon zu arbeiten. So begann ein Leben, von dem auch noch lange Jahre nach dem Krieg niemand etwas ahnte.

Wednesday, 02 March, 2016
Beverly Almond – an Ageless Adventurer

Michael Henderson reviews Anne Hamlin’s book about her mother, Beverly Almond. In 1941, after the United States was attacked, Beverly sought adventure and went to Washington DC, wanting to do something for the war effort. An uncle in military intelligence asked if she would like to come and work at the Pentagon. He spoke to the colonel in charge of the special branch of Military Intelligence and vouched for her. Thus Beverly began a life which nobody knew about until long after the war was over.

Wednesday, 02 December, 2015
Changemakers Issue 2 December 2015

In this issue Ann Edwards set out to make her local community sustainable. Teresa and Laurin Hodge are drawing on their strong mother-and-daughter bond, and Teresa’s experience of serving a prison term, to help released prisoners reintegrate in society. These are just two examples of the women changemakers in this issue. As Nelson Mandela said: ‘It is in your hands to create a better world for all who live in it.’

Friday, 31 July, 2015
Printer's Pie cover

Lorsqu'on a demandé à Richard Hawthorne s’il aimerait écrire son histoire pour cette série de brochures, il a commencé par s'y opposer. Il avait l’impression de ne rien avoir d’intéressant à partager. Ceci est l’histoire classique d’un homme ordinaire faisant des choses extraordinaires – s’il est prêt à être guidé par Dieu – avec pour résultat la reconnaissance par la Reine pour « services rendus à la communauté ».

Friday, 31 July, 2015
Printer's Pie cover

When Richard was asked if he would like to write his story for this series of booklets, he demurred. He didn’t feel he had enough to tell. But I think it is a classic tale of how an ordinary chap can do extraordinary things – if he’s prepared to be guided by God – resulting in recognition by the Queen for ‘services to the community’.

Tuesday, 02 June, 2015
Great Company - trust, integrity and leadership in the global economy by Mike Smith

In Great Company Michael Smith argues that, far from the ends justifying the means, the means actually determine the ends. Dishonest and acquisitive means in the events that led up to the crash of 2008 led to disastrous outcome.

Monday, 09 March, 2015
Corruption Who Cares? by Brian Lightowler

Quanto dinheiro ilícito, dinheiro cinza precisando de lavagem, está circulando pelo globo? Quanto dinheiro é pago em subornos no exterior a cada ano? Empresas podem exigir dedução fiscal pelo pagamento de subornos em países estrangeiros? Quanto lucram os barões das drogas a cada ano? Corrupção: Quem se importa? responde a essas perguntas e muitas outras à medida em que revela o flagelo da corrupção que hoje ameaça a sociedade moderna. Porém, mais do que isso, é um livro de esperança. Ele mostra como governos, ONGs e cidadãos comuns estão respondendo e fazendo avanços em direção a um mundo construído nos padrões de integridade e honestidade.

Beyond Forgiving temporary cover

Más allá del perdón (Beyond Forgiving) es un documental de 28 minutos que plasma el viaje en que se adentran un hombre y una mujer sudafricanos con el objetivo de traer reconciliación y cura a su país tras los daños causados durante el periodo de segregación racial conocido como el apartheid. Ginn Fourie y Letlapa Mphalele forman un dúo insólito: él, de raza negra y ateo, y ella, de raza blanca y cristiana. Cada uno ha sufrido consecuencias directas de las acciones llevadas a cabo por el otro, pero ambos han sido víctimas, y también ambos han sido capaces de salir adelante a pesar de su dolor. Aquello que los une es una profunda historia de tragedia, perdón y esperanza.

Intiatives et Changement France est partenaire du livre "D'ailleurs et d'ici, L'affirmation d'une France plurielle", magnifique réalisation collective dirigée par Marc Cheb Sun, un projet d'éducation et d'expression contre la morosité, en vente le 9 octobre en librairie. 30 collaborateurs et 60 lycéens ont participé à son élaboration.

MRA: how it all began by Loudon Hamilton

After service with the Indian Army in France in the First World War, when he was awarded the Military Cross, Loudon Hamilton went up to Oxford and took a two-year philosophy course. Towards the end of that time, in May 1921, Dr Frank Buchman paid his first visit to Oxford. One evening he was a guest in Loudon Hamilton's rooms in Christ Church at a meeting of the Beef and Beer Club. Out of this grew the Oxford Group, now known as Moral Re-Armament.