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Boy on a Bus by William Cameron-Johnson

A story in verse. Conductor Syd's humour and courage affect the spirit of the whole bus. A small boy loses his fear of the bully at school, and decides not to run away. For children of 6. Colour illustrations. Also available in Russian.

Listen to the Children by Annejet Campbell

“There’s nothing like reading how other parents have solved their family problems to pick up tips for oneself,” SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, London. “Running through the book is the theme that to listen to God in the still small voice of conscience can be the start of a new life together with your children,” CATHOLIC ADVOCATE, Melbourne, Australia.

Happy Families by Elizabeth Bradburne and Kathleen Voller

Mr. Gimme and Mr. Give come on a visit. For children aged five. 7th printing.

Tu m'Ecoutes? by Annejet Campbell

Témoignage sur la vie de couple, avec 25 caricatures de Einar. Pourquoi changer de partenaire quand on peut changer d’attitude?