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Le Mook "Oser la paix - l'audace des réconciliateurs" donne la parole à des acteurs connus ou méconnus qui oeuvrent pour la paix et la réconciliation au quotidien. Les éditions Autrement nous invitent ainsi à découvrir l'histoire et les témoignages de ceux qui, du Cambodge aux Balkans, de la Colombie au Proche-Orient tentent de dialoguer, négocier, reconstruire...

No end to the adventure - the journey of a change-maker by Pierre Spoerri

Pierre Spoerri, from Switzerland, and his wife, Fulvia, were amongst those responsible for international conferences held each year at the Initiatives of Change centre in the Alpine village of Caux. Spoerri travelled widely in Asia, the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, South Africa, and post-war Germany, reporting for European newspapers and working with MRA/Initiatives of Change.

Catching up with Gandhi by Graham Turner

‘There is no doubt that Gandhi was the greatest man of the 20th century,’ asserted author and journalist Graham Turner, speaking at the London launched of his new book. Catching up with Gandhi takes a fresh look at the life of the Indian freedom fighter. ‘I wanted to write something that young people would find interesting and accessible,’ Turner told the Hindustan Times. He succeeds in doing so in this engaging page-turner, which introduces Mahatma Gandhi to today’s generation who may not know much about him.

Front cover of An African Answer DVD

More than one thousand people were killed following disputed elections in Kenya at the end of 2007. Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor Jame Wuye - former militia leaders turned peace-makers from Nigeria - were invited to mediate in the worst-affected district. This film depicts their dramatic bid to bring healing and reconciliation after death and destruction.

Trustbuilding book cover

Trustbuilding: an honest conversation on race, reconciliation, and responsibility is part historical narrative and part handbook for a model of dialogue and community change that has been adopted both nationally and internationally. At its center is the story of how Richmond, Virginia, a former slave market and capital of the Confederacy, has become a seedbed for interracial dialogue and trustbuilding with national and international implications.

Ice in Every Carriage front paperback cover

An extraordinary Asian journey, 1952-53
Ice in Every Carriage is both an adventure story and an intriguing slice of Asian history. It records, as Rajmohan Gandhi writes in the foreword, the creation of what at the time appeared to be an unthinkable bridge between seemingly antagonistic cultures.

Reaching for a new world by Hennie de Pous, was launched on 27 July 2009 in Caux during the conference Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy. The author spoke for about 20 minutes on the book, followed by a questions and answer session, and book-signing. De Pous said, 'In my book 'Reaching for a new world' I am trying to bridge two gaps: the generation gap and the history gap. I wrote an honest book about the history and the development of ideas of Initiatives of Change, because young people who start to work with IofC need to know the history in order to feel ownership.'

An American in the Middle East by Harry Almond

Harry Almond's memoir depicts the growth of heart and mind of a patriotic American towards the Islamic world beginning in 1944. Starting out as a young missionary and teacher in Iraq and Bahrain, he and his wife Beverly later worked with the program of Moral Re-Armament (Initiatives of Change, IofC) for many years, living for a time in Egypt and then Lebanon, and traveling widely in other Muslim countries.

The Thread of God by Russi Lala

R M Lala's impressive career spans journalism, publishing, philanthropy and writing books including the best-selling biography Beyond the Last Blue Mountain: A Life of J R D Tata. Lala's direct and almost conversational style gives a vivid portrait of the times he has lived through, allowing the reader a glimpse into his intensely personal memories, his experiences as well as his encounters with the personalities who shaped twentieth-century India - from J R D Tata to Mother Teresa; from Vinoba Bharve to Morarji Desai.

Chris Evans, who comes from Britain, has written a short but highly readable book called 'Did we get it right, Love?' The book is a frank, personal and faith-filled evaluation of a work and calling still in progress. Evans’ story takes him from his home in Whitbourne, Herefordshire, on the road with a musical show, into the factories of the West Midlands, to India, Switzerland, Siberia and back to Whitbourne. The book is illustrated with 19 of his poems.