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Connecting Communities Toolkit

Connecting Communities is an 127-page handbook containing stories and resources related to personal and community change. Based on the experience of Hope in the Cities in Richmond, VA, this is an invaluable resource for individuals and groups seeking to implement change in their communities.

Cover of "Gordon Hannon - Some Parson! - Some Man" by David Hannon

“Gordon Hannon was ‘a prophet ahead of his time’. His son David has captured a wonderful character with the natural affection of the author for his subject combining with an admirable objectivity. I put the book on my bedside table intending to read a little at a time. However, I enjoyed it so much that I read it straight through and woke up next morning to find it lying on my bed, open at the last page!” Archbishop Robin Eames

Un sens à l'Europe: book by Catherine Guisan, 2003

Pour Catherine Guisan, enseignante en histoire politique, l'intégration européenne repose sur des "trésors perdus" qu'il est grand temps de retrouver. C’est un livre vivant et optimiste que nous livre de son Amérique d’adoption, la Suissesse Catherine Guisan. Il a le double mérite de rappeler sur quelles bases repose l’Union européenne et de faire revivre le « trésor perdu » de l’intégration européenne.

Book cover

Eine spirituelle Lebensreise. Mit ihren Eltern und Geschwistern gehörte Hélène Guisan-Démétriadès zu jenen Griechen, die in den Umwalzungen nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg aus Konstantinopel vertrieben wurden. In ihrem orthodoxen Glauben noch heute fest verankert, hat sie auch in ihrem Aufnaheland, der Schweiz, Wurzel gefasst. Bei ihrer Ankunft in der Schweiz war Hélène Démétriadès sechsjährig.

The sound of silence, booklet cover.
Booklet by Michael Smith.

Subtitled 'How to find Inspiration in an Age of Information', this 12-page booklet with cartoons is written for today's web-surfing generation. Discounts are available for bulk purchase, on request.

Piguet, Jaqueline, Allemagne, cover

Ces lettres sont publiées aujourd’hui car, avec le recul, elles apportent un témoignage émouvant sur le chemin parcouru par les anciens ennemis et en premier lieu par Jacqueline Piguet-Koechlin et ses compagnons.
Si dès la guerre terminée, des responsables politiques pensaient déjà à la réconciliation de l’Europe déchirée, Frank Buchman, avait lui aussi senti l’urgence de réintégrer l’Allemagne dans la famille des nations. N’avait-il pas lancé ce défi à Irène Laure, alors député des Bouches-du-Rhône : « Comment voulez-vous reconstruire l’Europe sans l’Allemagne ? »

Combats pour l'homme: a book by Michel Portal,

Socrate, Maaïmonide, Thomas More, ou encore Vincent de Paul, l'Abbé Grégoire, Victor Schoelcher, Adb-el-Kader, Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale, Pasteur, Dunant, Gandhi, Schweizer, Martin Luther King...ils ou elles étaient des médecins, des femmes politiques, des hommes d'action, des membres du clergé, des militaires...ou tout simplement des rêveurs. Pourquoi les avoir réunis dans ce livre ?

Video documentary of the 1993 IC Conference in Richmond, VA, and the Walk Through History.

In June 1993, citizens of Richmond, Virginia – the former capital of the Confederacy – initiated "Healing the Heart of America: an honest conversation on race, reconciliation and responsibility." Joined by people from 50 cities around the US and the world, they gave recognition to unacknowledged sites and events in the 370-year history of black-white relations. This award-winning documentary is the story of their walk through Richmond history. 27-minutes.

Cover of \'Skills of Discernment\' by Charis Waddy

Charis Waddy was one of the liveliest minds in the early history of IofC. By 1935 she had an Oxford degree in Arabic and Hebrew, and a PhD from the University of London. At the age of 25 she laid aside her status and career to work full-time with Frank Buchman, helping to architect the thought and action of a developing outreach. In the early 1960’s came the call to take up her Middle East scholarship again. For the next 30 years she researched, travelled, corresponded, lectured and published, and cultivated hundreds of friendships in the Muslim world and beyond. When she died in August 2004, she was described by Dr Zaki Badawi, Director of The Muslim College in London, as a towering contributor to the interfaith movement.

Cover of 'Hope Never Dies' by Marcel and Theri Grandy

'Marcel and Theri Grandy have lived their lives in the best spirit of the Swiss humanitarian tradition. Through their long-term commitment to Initiatives of Change (formerly Moral Re-Armament) they have demonstrated the importance of private and civil society initiatives in the difficult context of the Eastern Mediterranean. The necessary changes in the 21st century will only come through such stubborn commitment by new generations.' Cornelio Sommaruga, President of International Association of Initiatives of Change, from 1987-99 President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)