Exemples de résilience intercommunautaire, par Charles Piguet

Exemples de résilience intercommunautaire : Japon - Europe - Nouvelle Calédonie - Afrique du Sud. En présentant des exemples concrets, ce livre apporte des éléments de réponse à des interrogations qui s'imposent tandis que l'humanité est confrontée à la grande question de ce siècle : les hommes seront-ils capables de vivre ensemble d'un bout à l'autre de la planète?

A farmer's vision for the twenty-first century, by Patrick Evans

“A Hand to the Plough is a remarkable compilation of inspiring essays which show the path to sustainable human happiness and well-being. The last chapter on the unity of the spirit brings out the great importance of integrating science and spirituality. This book is a must for all interested in fostering harmony with nature and with each other.”

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Félix Lisiecki se replonge dans ses racines polonaises, retrace son cheminement de l'usine à l'oratorio et fait revivre le dessous des notes de l'Oratorio pour notre temps qu'il a écrit sur un texte de Françoise Caubel-Chauchat et qui a été représenté depuis 1972 plus de soixante fois, sur trois continents. Tour à tour Félix et Françoise racontent cette aventure humaine et spirituelle, sur fond d'actualité, aux côtés d'hommes et de femmes, chefs d'orchestre, musiciens et choristes, acteurs dans la société ou au service de l'Eglise. Un hymne à l'espérance qui proclame, que si on veut bien le voir et le suivre, l'esprit de Dieu se manifeste sur tous les chantiers du monde.

The Imam and the Pastor front cover

From vengeance and killing to healing and forgiveness…a moving story of grass-roots peace building that gives hope to humanity. This 39-minute documentary film brings to life the astonishing reconciliation between Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye, and their peace-making initiatives which have ensued.

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Talks and reflections edited by Philip Boobbyer. This is a book to refresh mind and spirit. Brian Boobbyer was one of the outstanding sportsmen of his generation. This collection of short pieces refelcts his faith, his love of nature and literature, and his passion for sport.

by Monica Bouman

Since Monica Bouman first read about Dag Hammarskjöld a number of years ago, Dag Hammarskjöld has become a life study for her. She was awarded her PhD at Nijmegen University in Holland in 2001 by writing a thesis on him, Call to International Service, Dag Hammarskjöld's Inner Path - Public Action. She deals with his ethics and spirituality, drawing on texts from both his spiritual diary and his speeches International Service and The World and the Nation.

A Great Aim in Life by Gordon Wise

This is the story of a life’s journey. Gordon Wise was born the son of an agriculturalist in tropical North Queensland. His father went on to become Premier of Western Australia, but Gordon’s own life path proved to have its own adventures, including service in World War II as an RAAF pilot in Coastal Command over European waters.

Journey of Discovery

Was Rudyard Kipling right to say that East and West would always remain apart? Or is teamwork and understanding possible? With the headlines often full of violence and terrorism, Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid's new booklet A Journey of Discovery - a Muslim encounters Initiatives of Change is a convincing outline of such a future. Written originally for Muslim friends, this relevant, topical and readable account has something for all of us, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.