Engaging women in their role as creators of peace at every level of society
Creators of Peace
Engaging women in their role as creators of peace at every level of society

Creators of Peace

The Creators of Peace (CoP) initiative was launched in 1991 at the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland by the Hon Anna Abdallah Msekwa of Tanzania, a respected politician and leader of her country’s women’s organizations. In her inaugural speech, she urged everyone to 'create peace wherever we are, in our hearts, our homes, our workplace and our community. We all pretend that someone else is the stumbling block…Could that someone be myself?'

CoP is now a global network of people working on different continents through Creators of Peace Circles, workshops, personal encounters, community building activities and international conferences - Caux, Switzerland ’91 and ’94, India 2001, Uganda 2005 and Australia 2009. A delegation attended the UN Women’s Conference in Beijing (1995).

Creators of Peace will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with the international conference 'Living Peace' in the Caux Conference Centre in Switzerland. For more information see below.

Encourager les femmes à croire en leur rôle de faiseuses de paix à tous les niveaux de la société


Living Peace: International Caux Conference 2016

4 - 10 August 2016: Celebrating 25 years of Creators of Peace

Creators of Peace logo 2016Creators of Peace will be celebrating its 25th anniversary, having been launched from Caux in 1991. With delegates from over 40 countries where this women’s initiative now has a presence, we will explore the ever elusive challenge of actually  ‘Living Peace’ and how this can change the global narrative from the current inevitability of violence and despair to one of compassion and hope.

Speakers so far include Kristen Engvig, Founder and President of WIN (Women's International Network) Gill Hicks, London bombing survivor; Rosina Wiltshire, first Caribbean Community Advocate for Gender Justice; Leymah Gbowee, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Amy Peake, www.lovinghumanity Workshops, circles, silence, wisdom sharing will all serve the outcome of an invitation to all delegates to promote and advocate for ‘a new story’ for our time.  

As individuals, as communities and as cultures we are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and each other, and we pass them on to our children and grandchildren.  These become the global narratives in which we all share, from which we all suffer or transform.  Change the stories and you change the world. 

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Current News

Tuesday, 19 April, 2016
Mountain House

'24 heures', a Swiss local paper, has written about the 70th anniversary celebrations of Caux, the Initiatives of Change international conference centre in Switzerland. The anniversary celebrations have kicked off with a photo exhibition that reveals some extraordinary stories.

Thursday, 24 March, 2016

The Creators of Peace team hopes to train 1000 women in Baringo County by the end of 2016 to be creators of peace in their lives and families. This follows the courageous and emotional apology by the Pokot women to the women of the other communities in Baringo County. In November 2015, the 'CoP Baringo Project' was launched in Kabarnet by Peace Ambassador, Mr Kosgei.

Monday, 21 March, 2016
Creators of Peace in Coventry

Creators of Peace ran three Peace Circles in partnership with St Michael’s House, the new base for Coventry Cathedral’s Ministry of Reconciliation, England. Haley Jones took part:

Thursday, 17 March, 2016
Creators of Peace USA

Who could have imagined, that 69 years after the partition of India, two women, whose parents were on opposite sides within the Punjab region, would come together in the United States to facilitate a Creators of Peace (CoP) Circle. Anjum Ali and Kavita Kapur first met through a Creators of Peace Circle in 2015.

Tuesday, 08 March, 2016
Creators of Peace facilitators being trained in New Zealand

Facilitators of Creators of Peace Circles are trained for the role. In recent weeks trainings have taken place in three countries. Jean Brown gathers the stories

Thursday, 03 December, 2015
Peace Circle in Oxford

Sceptical of its actual impact, Ashley Muller unpacks her first exposure to a Creators of Peace Circle. From judgment to advocacy, she writes about her change of heart towards Peace Circles, engaging with her identity as a woman seeking to create peace, and embracing the responsibility of doing this in partnership with many other women around the world.

Monday, 30 November, 2015
Creators of Peace in Fiji

Ratu (Chief) Meli Vesikula invites Creators of Peace to help meet the ‘need for Fiji to find a path towards peace.’ Fifteen women from Suva participated in two Circles over the week of 19–23 October.

Monday, 23 November, 2015
Creators of Peace in Delhi

Creators of Peace Circles held in Mumbai in October gave ‘professional listeners’ an opportunity to be listened to. Most of the women who participated worked in situations where they themselves could conduct these Circles, in women’s prisons, gender and anthropological research and with sex workers.

Friday, 06 November, 2015
Peace Circles activity with women participants in Kabul

The first Creators of Peace Circle was recently held in a refugee camp with ladies who have never experienced the real meaning of peace in their lives, nor their parents, their husbands, their children or their communities. They live in this camp with family members, having escaped from war in various provinces of the country.

Thursday, 29 October, 2015
United Nations Flags

Rainer Gude, Chargé de Mission of IofC for International Geneva recently spoke (remotely) at a Yale University Graduate level class entitled, 'Sustainable Development Goals & Implementation'.