Creators of Peace

Engaging women in their role as creators of peace at every level of society

The Creators of Peace (CoP) initiative was launched in 1991 at the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland by the Hon Anna Abdallah Msekwa of Tanzania, a respected politician and leader of her country’s women’s organizations. In her inaugural speech, she urged everyone to 'create peace wherever we are, in our hearts, our homes, our workplace and our community. We all pretend that someone else is the stumbling block…Could that someone be myself?'

CoP is now a global network of people working on different continents through Creators of Peace Circles, workshops, personal encounters, community building activities and international conferences - Caux, Switzerland '91 and '94, India 2001, Uganda 2005 and Australia 2009. A delegation attended the UN Women's Conference in Beijing (1995). In 2016, the 25th anniversary of CoP was celebrated in Caux through the 'Living Peace' conference.

06 September, 2010

Asiya Mohammed, a former Caux Scholar, who has worked with Creators of Peace both in the US and the UK, was invited to offer a peace circle taster under the auspices of the Advocates for Western Arab Relations (AWARE) Center, a nongovernmental organization based in Kuwait that works to create better understanding and promote dialogue between East and West. More than 20 women attended this introductory session. This led to the first peace circle in Kuwait.

24 July, 2010
Creators of Peace workshop in Uganda

Thirteen women took part in a weekend Creators of Peace workshop at the Seeta Forest Hotel in the outskirts of Kampala city, Uganda in June. They were asked to consider 'Are we peace makers or war makers?'

20 July, 2010
Participants enjoying a reunion after the peace circle

A group of women in Oxford, England have been exploring what is needed to bring the kind of peace they long to see in the world.

24 May, 2010
Peace Circle participants - group 1

The first of three consecutive Creators of Peace Circles workshop happening at St Mary’s Pastoral Centre, Nakuru, Kenya has come to a successful end. The first workshop consisting of 13 women, young and middle aged coming from Western, North Eastern, Rift Valley, and Central parts of Kenya, started on 20 May, 2010.

15 May, 2010

Over the last few weeks Creators of Peace Circles have been formed all over Australia...

15 March, 2010
Regina Morris

Creators of Peace Circles being used as a tool in the pursuit of national reconciliation in Malaysia is the conviction of Regina Morris. A professional trainer and ordinary housewife, Regina is discovering what it means to be extraordinary. As a Creators of Peace coordinator for Malaysia and facilitator of Peace Circles, she tells here of the journey from idea to action, from facilitator to practitioner.

10 March, 2010
Bek Brown and Therese Minitong-Kemelfield met through Creators of Peace Circles

The local press in South Australia recently picked up the community building potential of the Creators of Peace Circles. The following article from the Messenger Press, was sent in by Jean and Bek Brown who, with other friends, are currently running a number of introductory gatherings around their city of Adelaide.

15 January, 2010
Sydney CoP women

As Creators of Peace prepares for action in 2010, messages still come from individuals impacted by the Creators of Peace conference in Sydney late last year. “I will never be the same person again. And the ripple effects that is having is astounding.”