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Strategische Richtlinien

Strategic directions

Our Strategic Directions for 2013-2015

  • Start with ourselves
  • Empower changemakers
  • Respond to critical situations in our focus areas
Start with ourselves

The way IofC operates – both as a network and as an organization – is a part of its message to the world.

GOAL: We will live out IofC’s approach in our personal lives and organizational activities as we learn from and seek to heal our past, put the care for others first and embrace the challenges of sustainability.


  • Embed the core values and practices of IofC in our lives and operations by listening and reflecting on past mistakes and successes, as well as by modelling good governance systems, leadership which serves, selfless teamwork and respect for diversity. 
  • Strengthen support for Member bodies, grassroots initiatives and programmes through programme development, communications and fundraising support and the encouragement of a learning culture.
  • Ensure organizational sustainability by improving operations, encouraging fresh leadership, offering mentoring, welcoming new entrepreneurial models and striving towards becoming a learning organization.

Expected Outcomes

- The IofC approach exemplified in everything we do
- A culture of listening and learning
- Local and international teams strengthened and connected

‘I am convinced that nothing lasting can be built without moral foundations and a desire by people to exemplify the changes that they want to see in society. We need to think globally, act locally but starting with ourselves, model the changes we want to see more widely.’
Dr Omnia Marzouk,
President, IofC International; Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine, UK

‘…To achieve peace one has to make a commitment to bettering our world by creating nations that are efficient and relevant. This can only happen by building strong communities with a high sense of integrity, transparency and vision. This effort starts with us as individuals within ourselves and within our families. If we don’t cleanse ourselves of hatred and selfishness, we cannot be peaceful community builders.’
Octavia Nasr
Former CNN Senior Editor of Mideast Affairs, founder of Bridges Media Consulting

Empower changemakers

IofC is about people: inspiring, equipping and connecting them to bring change wherever they are by starting with themselves.

GOAL: To empower changemakers through developing opportunities for them to grow in their understanding and use of IofC methodology, practice and programmes.


  • Improve and multiply training courses to develop skilled changemakers who excel in delivering our core values and methods, equipping them also with skills in teambuilding, conflict resolution, fundraising and communications, addressing specific needs and sharing best practices.
  • Channel initial connections into pathways for changemakers to grow, develop supportive relationships and find meaningful engagement with IofC.
  • Create safe spaces where people have an opportunity to reflect, engage in honest conversation, build relationships and experience a change of motivation and behaviour.

Expected Outcomes

- Well developed training courses to equip changemakers
- Clear steps for personal engagement and subsequent development with IofC
- A widely available mentoring system

‘When I was in Canada I learned about Creators of Peace Circles while being surrounded with peace. Canada was preparing me for the future in the Middle East but I didn't know that then. I learned to be objective and to find peace in myself before searching for it in others. I learned to accept differences. Also I learned that change starts from the inside before we point at others. I learned a lot of valuable methods about creating peace and using it across the divides. That was very precious and important.’
Iman al Ghafari
IofC Peace Circles, Syria

‘I learned that change comes from individuals and gradually reaches everybody. This motivated me to write my research paper on a local issue in my home state of Eastern Equatoria in South Sudan. After the course, my desire to achieve peace in the area was unstoppable. I was excited and passionately shared that excitement with my friends in the community here and in Africa.’

Augustino Lucano
a South Sudanese working with IofC Canada to create a Trustbuilding Workshop for the diaspora from Eastern Equatoria State in South Sudan.

Respond to critical situations in our focus areas

With the world searching for solutions to the realities of broken trust, self-serving leadership and unsustainable consumption, IofC’s varied grassroots efforts must combine to impact situations of need.

GOAL: We will unite our network’s efforts and resources across local and regional boundaries to build partnerships and achieve greater impact at a global level.


  • Mount relevant responses to requests for help in situations of need through common initiatives and projects.
  • Engage in partnerships, which combine IofC’s specific approaches with the core strengths and capabilities of others to bring holistic solutions in areas of crisis.
  • Position the Caux conference centre in Switzerland as a global resource for peacemaking and trustbuilding, and the Asia Plateau centre in India as a world-leading centre on ethical leadership and good governance.


Expected Outcomes

- Significant contributions, especially in Africa, towards peace and social cohesion
- Increased evidence of ethical leadership and moral integrity influencing national policies
- Effective partnerships between IofC and other organizations benefiting grassroots situations

‘I'm really pleased to testify that Caux is truly a place, a very beautiful and quiet place, where change is being incubated. A place where people are challenged to take responsibility, are challenged to reflect and to be the change they want to see happen.’
Luc Gnacadja
Executive Secretary, UNCCD (UN Convention to Combat Desertification)

‘The Panchgani programme reaffirmed my beliefs in a value-based life, confirming that there is no other way, and this is something which cannot be negotiated or compromised. … It is vital that as soon as one enters the Civil Services, a reaffirmation to morality and values is made, and guidance in ways of handling subsequent moral dilemmas are provided.’
Jayesh Ranjan

Officer, Indian Administrative Service, Andhra Pradesh

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