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Powerful tools to change the world

Ivan Illich, a great Austrian born philosopher and advocate of the poor, was once asked what was the most powerful way to change a society: was it by violent revolution or by education and democratic reform? He replied that it was neither: Instead you must “tell a new and powerful tale, one so persuasive that it sweeps away the old myths and becomes the preferred story.”

In many parts of the world it is vital to offer a new vision of hope to counter the vicious circles of despair, fear, anger and violence. It is vital to move beyond stories of victimisation to stories of empowerment; to move beyond stories of 'them' and 'us' to stories of inclusion. That’s why all our communications aim to convey hope and frequently challenge conventional notions about what is possible in the areas of individual and social transformation, cross-cultural relationships and reconciliation. Story-telling is used extensively to convey both ideas and deep life experiences.

Films and Video

Include the inspiring story of reconciliation in Nigeria, The Imam and the Pastor, and another film, An African Answer, documenting their peacebuilding efforts in Kenya. A number of shorter IofC films are available too.


Commentaries and Publications

IofC has a long history of inspirational writing from the early 20th century until the present day. Find books, reflection pieces and commentaries in this section.



Assorted links to our partners and like-minded organizations, people and movements.