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From leadership in the boardroom to the pressing issue of personal governance, IofC recommits itself to take on the challenge of ethical leadership. Honest assessments of personal motivation and courageous changes in personal behaviour have long been at the heart of IofC’s core philosophy and methodology.

IofC will be taking this forward particularly through Asia Plateau, the conference centre in India that trains over 4,000 people each year, with courses like the ‘Heart of Effective Leadership’ and conferences like ‘Making Democracy Real’. In Kenya, a team is using a well established IofC-developed method called the Clean Election Campaign to inspire a critical mass of people to commit themselves to neither give nor accept bribes during elections, and to vote on the basis of character rather than tribal allegiance. Meanwhile, in January the Workshop for Africa (a spinoff of the Harambee Leadership Programme) will kick start in South Africa by training leaders to work on issues of good governance. And in Eastern Europe IofC’s Foundations for Freedom programme continues to train young people to be ethical leaders in their communities.

Caux Initiatives for Business

(CIB) aims to engage business-people and decision-influencers in honest conversations on the broad issues associated with globalization and the human face of economics.

Clean Elections Campaigns

A call to all people of all backgrounds to commit themselves to consciously electing leaders of integrity.


Foundations for Freedom

Fostering the development of truly free, democratic and just society, where people live in commitment to the values.



The Centre for Training in Ethical Leadership (CENTREL), based at the IofC centre in India, was established to highlight the importance of using ethics and values in business.


Caux Interns Program

The Caux interns leadership programme is an opportunity for young people to experience the full richness of the Caux conference centre.


Asia Pacific Youth Conference

APYC offers young people from the Asia Pacific region the opportunity to dialogue and create networks for peace.


Tools for Change

A multi-day event for people from all sectors to develop personally and build skills as catalysts for change in society.


Asia Plateau Interns Programme

A 4-month residential internship at Asia Plateau, IofC’s conference and training centre in India.