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Forthcoming events
Monday, June 26, 2017 (All day) to Sunday, July 9, 2017 (All day)
Caux Artists

Come and challenge yourself to live and work as an artist with a world perspective! In 2017, CAP will return to Caux with an interdisciplinary summer course in Vocal Arts (classical, music theatre, jazz), drama and the humanities.

Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 14:45 to Sunday, July 2, 2017 - 12:30

In today’s globalized world, business leaders are increasingly being held accountable for the impact of their business on their stakeholders and on society. In times of rapid and extreme changes, it is of utmost importance for corporate executives to base their decisions on ethical values so that their products and services contribute to the well-being of the overall society.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017 - 16:45 to Sunday, July 9, 2017 - 16:00

This event is for anyone seeking inspiration to make fresh steps towards hope. An opportunity to work together to advance human security, to connect, and to discuss the best ways to deal with conflict, division, counter-extremism and other challenges. From informal chats to high-level discussions, we’ll be tackling key concerns, such as how we can heal what we call ‘wounded memories’, so the residue of unresolved conflicts or perceived injustice can be stopped from undermining attempts to sustain peace.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 16:45 to Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 12:30
CDLS 2016, Caux Dialogue on Land and Security

The ground-breaking discussions at the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security 2017 aim to uncover new ideas to restore land and build trust, increase private investment, reduce the risk of conflict, lower the impact of climate change, and create new markets.

Friday, July 14, 2017 (All day) to Friday, July 21, 2017 (All day)

Young people of all backgrounds, including recently arrived migrants and representatives of minority communities are invited to join this Caux forum. It is open to those aged 18-25 from countries who are members of the Council of Europe, plus Kosovo, Kazakhstan and Belarus who are actively and substantively contributing in the discussion about Europe.

Monday, July 17, 2017 - 16:45 to Friday, July 21, 2017 - 12:30

This event will gather people from all parts of Europe - and beyond - who want to create concrete, hope-building European initiatives, drawing on moral and spiritual values common to the main philosophical and faith traditions and eventually offer an alternative to polarization. The main objective is to give hope and inspiration and show concrete examples of initiatives that build trust and address the current trend of polarization in Europe. To put people in touch with like-minded initiatives; to give opportunities for new partnerships, for creating networks and exchanging tools.

Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 16:45 to Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 12:30

This event will enable influential NGO leaders, government representatives, business people, victims and ex-perpetrators to explore the different issues involved in bringing together top-down and bottom-up approaches and discuss practical tools and strategies that will help counter these extremist narratives.

Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 16:45 to Friday, August 4, 2017 - 12:30

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child says every child has the right to participation, and that life should be inclusive for even the most marginalized. CATS 2017 gives children experiencing that exclusion a voice. It is a platform to inspire others, to share their difficulties, to tackle obstacles, to promote inclusion, and to show how children are essential to creating a better world. This year we’re welcoming a really diverse group of people, which will include street children, children with disabilities, and children from war zones, to create a unique space where adults including parents, teachers, advocates, and policymakers can meet them. Together they will take positive steps to transform society.

Saturday, August 12, 2017 (All day) to Saturday, August 19, 2017 (All day)
South East Asia - Life Matters Course 2017

Initiatives of Change Indonesia proudly presents this year's South East Asia Life Matters Course: Finding a Path and Purpose in Life! If you are aged 20-35, a South East Asia Citizen and are able to communicate using English, then this could be for you!