Crossroads New Year Camp 2010/11 in Norway

Mardi, 28. décembre 2010 (Jour entier) - Dimanche, 2. janvier 2011 (Jour entier)

What’s the way ahead? - For me as an individual and in our communities?

What needs to change? - In me? In my family? In my community? In my society? In my country? In the world?

We want to spend our days together:                                           >>read more

Mapping our own lives: - Where am I at in life? What are my responsibilities, priorities, worries, joys, ambitions and plans?

Looking at the needs in our communities and societies: - What are the biggest challenges and the most urgent issues?

Searching for the next step as individuals and as a community: - What is our calling and task? What is our contribution and part in answering the needs and challenges in our societies and the world?

We will use the time

  • before breakfast for individual reflection
  • before lunch for sharing and deliberation in smaller groups
  • before supper to meet all together. In these meetings we hope to here how you in different countries are working to answer the needs in you societies.

Some of us have been organizing these New Year gatherings since we were teenagers now, the teenagers are our own children. Like last year we would especially like to invite those of you between 18 – 35 years to take part. We are hoping that many of you from other European countries will join us.


During our days we will have time to be together and to be alone, to reflect and pray, to play and walk and talk, to go skiing and sledging, to share a good meal, to plan projects and sing, to explore the natural beauty, to be silent and have a good laugh, to create and enjoy art, to celebrate and welcome the New Year together.

Time and place:

  • 28. December 2010 – 2. January 2011,
  • Lia Gård, Koppang, Norway

Price:  250€

Please contact us if you are in need of financial support, or if you have too much and want to contribute to someone else’s stay.

Registration (and questions): please register here:

We have room for 80 participants, and need to know before November 30th if you are one of them. Please let us also know if you need transportation from Oslo to Lia Gård, or if you need directions for driving.

Bring: Notebook, Bible or Koran or other source of inspiration, warm clothes (long underwear and woolen socks, warm layers, hat, scarf and mittens, warm boots) skis if you have, your guitar or another instrument you play, something sweet to share at coffee/teatime and a clean shirt/skirt for New Years Eve. Sheets and towels are provided at Lia.

 We look forward to seeing you!

Carole (Kenya), Eva (Germany) Tatiana (Russia), Mahwash, Tone, Sven, Adekola, Torild, Ole, Anders, Randi, Ragnhild, Andrew, Jorulf, Gudrun, Axel and Camilla. (Norway)

Download invitation here