Exploring the vital link between personal and global change, Switzerland

Mercredi, 25. juillet 2012 - 17:00 - Mardi, 31. juillet 2012 - 14:00

International Caux Conference 2012
The essence of Initiatives of Change

Exploring the Vital Link between Personal and Global Change brochureAre you new to Initiatives of Change and eager to understand what it is all about? Or have you been around IofC for some time but still find it hard to understand how it works in practice? Perhaps you have been engaged with it for many years and want to refresh your thinking and perspective?

Join us for a week of vigorous dialogue in Caux (25-31 July) to explore ‘the essence of IofC’. Drawing on past and present experience of this world-wide movement, we will seek to develop and define that ‘vital link between personal and global change’. Innovative in structure, reflective in nature and challenging in content, this intergenerational, inter-ethnic and inter-religious conference will focus not so much on theories but on exploration of the processes and practices of transformation. The programme will evolve in response to the questions of participants – and everyone present will be able to contribute answers, drawing on experiences and knowledge they have gained through working to be effective change-agents in their own situations.

All are welcome. Details are in the brochure and you can sign up at