South East Asia Life Matters Course 2013, Vietnam

Vendredi, 28. juin 2013 (Jour entier) - Dimanche, 7. juillet 2013 (Jour entier)

South East Asia Life Matters Course Vietnam bannerSouth East Asia Life Matters Course 2013, a eight day residential course for young adults to shape a path and purpose for living, takes place from 28 June – 07 July, 2013 in Dalat City, Vietnam. The programme is varied and interactive. It includes panel discussions, personal reflection, workshops, music, outdoor activities – and mixing with people from diverse walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

Why Life Matters Course?

The world is full of contradictions and confusing choices. The 21st century promises great things as a result of our expanding scientific and technological progress. Yet a culture of fear and violence increases. Millions still go hungry and grave inequalities lead to suffering and further conflict. Climate change threatens the physical environment and the future seems uncertain.

We can react to these serious problems with disillusionment. But they can also be challenges for us to do something positive.

If we think about it, the damaged environment, frictions, and lack of genuine community are all caused by the way we humans live and the attitudes we hold.

Most people look for a way of life that satisfies. As well as jobs, we search for meaning – for inner freedom, personal and spiritual growth. We long for a sense of where we are going and how we can make difference. And about how we can get on with one another – family, friends and other cultures and races. How do we form deep and lasting relationships, and how we can bring healing where there is hurt and hostility?

SEA Life Matters Course offers a chance to engage with these issues, and find a pathway for positive living and change.

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