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Jeudi, 14 décembre, 2017

Changemakers, published by IofC-UK, shares stories both of personal change and of tackling global issues. Christian Picciolini was the leader of Chicago Area Skinheads (CASH), the first skinhead neo-Nazi group in the US. He has since turned his back on this life to reach out to support other former extremists. Lajeel Abdirahman founded Ameb, an NGO to engage young people in her native Somalia and prevent them from joining Al-Shabaab. Fatima Zaman and Bjorn Ihler both witnessed terrorist attacks and advocate the prevention of extremism through dialogue. There is also a reflection by Sir Ed Davey MP, who says we need to break the vicious circle of mistrust.

Vendredi, 13 octobre, 2017
That Other Voice book cover

British journalist and broadcaster Graham Turner's new book, That Other Voice, addresses the fundamental issue of whether or not there is a God who can speak to us in this day and age. And, if so, how? Turner takes a suitably sceptical view without making any presumptions. He interviews people from the major faith traditions: Jewish, Hindu, Christian, sufi Muslim, Tibet Buddhist and including the emphasis of Initiatives of Change on silent listening in 'quiet times'.

Vendredi, 04 août, 2017

Changemakers, published by IofC-UK, shares stories both of personal change and of tackling global issues. Rudy van der Aar and Mohammed Kechouh met at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland. They spent eight weeks cycling from the Netherlands to Mecca on wooden bikes to raise awareness within Islam about sustainability. Maxine Cockett has dedicated her life to marginalized young people in Nottingham. Ben Margolis and Marie-Christine Nibagwire are supporting refugees and asylum seekers in inspiring ways

Jeudi, 15 décembre, 2016
Changemakers magazine issue 4

Changemakers, published by IofC-UK, shares stories both of personal change and of tackling global issues. Merel Rumping shares her story of how she is transforming the lives of amputees in Colombia. Sergio Lopez Figuero set up Humming in Harmony to help others with mental health issues through music. Marian Partington had the courage to forgive her sister's murderers.

Vendredi, 01 juillet, 2016
Changemakers issue 3 July 2016

In this issue we hear from Onjali Rauf whose aunt’s murder motivated her to create a charity that trains ordinary people to spot signs of abuse. Meanwhile Amy Peake and Pravin Nakim have been working tirelessly to educate women on menstrual hygiene. Amy is creating solutions to provide cheap hygienic pads in refugee camps while Pravin is removing the stigma attached to periods in India. Jonty Herman draws on his experience visiting refugee camps in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Jeudi, 30 juin, 2016
Eyewitness to the Impossible: building trust on three continents, draws on a lifetime working for change.

‘Making history is not the monopoly of the rich and powerful,’ asserts the author Jens Jonathan Wilhelmsen. His new book draws on a lifetime working for change.

Jeudi, 12 mai, 2016
Frank Buchman and the Germans cover

Se trata de un libro de investigación histórica. Frank N D Buchman (1878-1961), líder del Grupo Oxford desde 1921, iniciador del Rearme Moral en 1938, era un norteamericano con raíces suizo-alemanas. Buchman tenía un profundo amor por Alemania. El período cubierto aquí, más o menos desde 1920 hasta 1950, se inicia con una Alemania derrotada sufriendo un colapso económico y muchas dificultades tras la Primera Guerra Mundial. Cubre los 12 años de poder nazi, que prometió un renacimiento, pero trajo la tiranía, el genocidio y la destrucción nacional. Termina como una República Federal Democrática y una Europa Occidental reconciliada está a punto de tomar forma.

Jeudi, 12 mai, 2016
Frank Buchman and the Germans cover

Ceci est un livre de recherche historique. Frank N D Buchman (1878-1961), fondateur et leader des Groupes d’Oxford en 1921, initiateur du Réarmement Moral en 1938, était un Américain avec de lointaines origines suisses alémaniques. Frank Buchman avait un amour profond pour l'Allemagne. Le livre couvre la période de 1920 à 1950.

Jeudi, 12 mai, 2016
Frank Buchman and the Germans cover

Frank N. D. Buchman (1878-1961) war Leiter der Oxford-Gruppe und gründete 1938 die Moralische Aufrüstung. Er stammte aus den USA, war deutsch-schweizerischer Abstammung und verspürte eine tiefe Liebe zu Deutschland. Dieses Buch ist das Ergebnis historischer Forschungen und beschäftigt sich vor allem mit dem Zeitraum von 1920 - 1950. Es beginnt mit einem besiegten Deutschland, das nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg mit einem wirtschaftlichen Zusammenbruch und grosser Not zu kämpfen hatte, und beschäftigt sich mit den Jahren des Nationalsozialismus, der dem Land einen Neubeginn versprach, jedoch Tyrannei, Völkermord und nationale Zerstörung brachte. Zum Schluss behandelt es die Anfangsjahre der Bundesrepublik Deutschland und den Beginn eines versöhnten Westeuropas.

Jeudi, 12 mai, 2016
Frank Buchman and the Germans cover

This is a book of historical research. Frank N D Buchman (1878-1961), leader of the Oxford Group from around 1921, initiator of Moral Re-Armament 1938 was an American with distant Swiss-German roots. Buchman had a deep love for Germany. The period covered here, roughly 1920-1950, begins with a defeated Germany suffering economic collapse and widespread hardship following World War I. It covers the 12 years of Nazi power which promised rebirth but brought tyranny, genocide and national destruction. It ends as a democratic Federal Republic and a reconciled Western Europe are about to take shape.