February - July 2010
Gandhi Voyage
February - July 2010

In his role as President of IofC International, Prof Rajmohan Gandhi took six months unpaid leave to visit 15 countries with his wife Usha. They were joined in this 'Voyage of Dialogue and Discovery' by various teams of young people. See the background and flyer.

The Voyage

February 13-18: Rajmohan and Usha Gandhi visited Sri Lanka.

March 9-12: The Gandhis visited Indonesia at the invitation of Initiatives of Change Indonesia and two strategic partners.

March 13 - April 26: The Gandhis were joined for a six week journey by a travelling team - Fabiola Benavente (Mexico), Wadiaa Khoury (Lebanon), Chris Breitenberg (USA), Rob Lancaster (Australia) and Edward Peters (UK). Others joined the traveling team for shorter periods while local Initiatives of Change (IofC) teams in host countries anchored each leg of the trip.

May 10-16: The centre piece of a visit to Japan was an international IofC conference.

June 7-12: USA - Washington DC

June 14-28: For visits to three Latin American countries the Gandhis were again joined by a travelling team: Killy Sanchez (Guatemala), Fabiola Benavente and José Carlos Leon Vargas (Mexico), Lena Kashkarova (Ukraine), David Ruffin (USA) and Edward Peters (UK).

July 8-25: Caux, Switzerland - participation in the Caux Forum for Human Security.