Igor Ene
United Kingdom
Igor Ene

Igor grew up in Moldova and holds a bachelor degree in Transport Engineering and Management, as well as an MBA in Management Consulting. In 1998 he took part in a Foundations for Freedom ‘Visiting Course’ in Moldova and since then IofC has become a part of his life. He is a member of the informal IofC team in Moldova and Foundations for Freedom network in Eastern Europe.

From 2012 on, he has provided consulting services to IofC International in the areas of Organizational Development, Strategic and Operational planning, and Knowledge Management.

He has been part of many teams, working-groups and committees which in the last three years have facilitated and enabled the development of the strategic priorities for IofC International, the improvement of the organizational structures, the implementation of much-need operational policies and procedures, the design of better meetings, and at times he contributed additional executive capacity to the activities of IofC’s International Council.

He is currently based in UK.