Amina Dikedi-Ajakayje and Kate Monkhouse
Just two weeks to go! What’s in store at 'Peace in Practice' for Creators of Peace at Caux 7 – 12 August?
Ways to connect with the CoP programme
Monday, July 24, 2017

Ways to connect with the CoP programme

From Tuesday 8 August to Friday 11 August, look out for updates from Caux via our Facebook Page and on Twitter @creatorsofpeace.

As a follow-up to the Creators of Peace "Living Peace" conference in 2017, we will be getting together again in Caux to consolidate and deepen our training skills, to generate exciting ideas to strengthen Creators of Peace into the future and to enjoy spending some time together.

Most of the Creators of Peace teams participating will be refreshing their facilitation skills and looking at some of the deeper challenges of hosting a creators of peace circle. Some participants will be learning to facilitate for the first time.

There will be some new friends with us exploring the Creators of Peace Circle for the first time. We will be collaborating a bit with the new Caux Peace & Leadership Programme and the REAL retreat participants.

Some of the questions, we will be asking as part of the week are:

What does it mean to be an effective peace creator? What skills can we develop to help us listen and understand each other more fully? What resources do we need as individuals and as teams to build a sustainable Creators of Peace programmes? What ways might we share stories that help create peace?

Each morning there will be a time for quiet reflections, shared stories and re-visiting the values that underpin our approach to peacebuilding. Each afternoon, there will be a choice of workshops on themes such as telling your story, being a community catalyst, caring for one another, fundraising and social media.

There will also be a chance to help shape our new initiative "Advocates for a New Story" and feed into the strategic planning process for Creators of Peace 2017-2020.

We will be taking some of the ideas and challenges that emerged during our recent regional calls with CoP National Co-ordinators. Amina Dikedi-Ajakayje, President of Creators of Peace says: "It will be an exciting time to share all what we have been doing these last months and to look into the future, and see where we are meant to going as Creators of Peace, and of course to share the skills that we bring together".

There is still time register:

If you would like to donate to enable a woman who could not otherwise participate, go to and send us a brief e-mail to so we can thank you!

For more details, write to Kate Monkhouse, Executive Officer: