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was in the French Resistance during World War II. She wanted every German dead and their country 'wiped off the map of Europe'. But only a few years later German and French leaders said that she did more than any other individual to reconcile their countries after hundreds of years of enmity.

Alice Cardell

"We have to learn to balance our culture between technology and humanity. As we offer open homes and engage in open conversations, we are the architects of the healthy community we seek.”

Rev. Sylvester

"We are taught that we are to think globally but to act locally. The Connecting Communities Fellowship Program helps us to act locally. It is a well-thought-out process to identify and break down barriers that have caused separation between groups. It also allows us to build alliances with people who are trying to bring about change."

The inspiring turnaround of a racist journalist

Joseph Karanja

1.3 million people worldwide do not access to safe drinking water, according to the UN. Joseph Karanja starts each day with a time of searching for direction in silence. He tells how this led to finding spring water on his land, which will soon be marketed nationwide.

Bill Porter

The Founder President of the International Communications Forum tells how he found the inspiration for this struggle for ethics in the media

Kim and Betty Beazley

The 'morning quiet time' helped my husband when Australian Education Minister to implement radical policies.

Dentist Ravindra Rao, India

Paul Williams tells the story of an Indian dentist who saw his surgery razed to the ground.

Dr. Yaw Adu-Sarkodie

With AIDS, as with all diseases, prevention is better than cure. As we propagate the ABC of Aids prevention (Abstinence, Being faithful to a partner and Condom use), we must stress the importance of the A and B just as we do the C.






Vlad Devakov

was distraught when told that that his daughter, Masha, had a brain or spinal trauma and may never walk again. His thoughts went from suing the doctor to getting on with having a second baby but his overwhelming feeling was not to trust anyone.