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As Creators of Peace prepares for action in 2010, messages still come from individuals impacted by the Creators of Peace conference in Sydney late last year. “I will never be the same person again. And the ripple effects that is having is astounding.” Download conference report in PDF here (2.3MB)

“It was a very heart opening and healing time for me, sometimes quite painful and very rewarding just the same.” These two are typical.

Creators of Peace Circles have been run in Romania, Denmark, South Africa and with some of the Aboriginal community in South Australia in the past couple of months. CoPCs are ongoing in other parts of the world. Creators of Peace ran a well received workshop at the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne in December and also that month, in Malaysia, the Creators of Peace team launched their own website.

Participants at the Sydney conferenceParticipants at the Sydney conferenceAn imaginative picnic took place in Sydney following the sharing of an African Australian about how hard it is for the African community to connect to the majority white population. The following story was sent after the event.

‘A tablecloth of flags from many nations announcing the venue; a fried egg cooked in the shape of Australia; a conga line snaking around the picnic area; a quiz on the countries of Africa; and Advance Australia Fair with an accordion accompaniment all went towards an unforgettable day with over 50 women whose countries of origin spanned the world.

‘This was an event which was sparked by Julie Walpole, an Australian participant in the Creators of Peace conference. There a story was told by Rosemary Kariuki from Kenya who took a bus load of women down to the coast south of Sydney for a weekend break. Although the bus broke down and there was a four hour wait they decided to sing, dance and share their stories on the side of the road.

‘This time another bus brought African women from western Sydney, some beautifully adorned in their African dress, to Bobbin Head in the Ku-ring-gai national park in Sydney to meet many other friends. Story telling from Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka Afghanistan and Fiji reflected the diversity of backgrounds and experiences and were embellished by national songs.

Sydney conference participantSydney conference participant‘The day with women was not complete without food brought by many; as well as laughter and of course new ideas - possibly another similar event and a visit to Fiji in March.’

Plans for 2010 include Creators of Peace Circle workshops and facilitation training being offered at Tools For Change in Malaysia in early March, and at Caux during July and August.

Six introductory sessions are planned for Adelaide and South Australia. Exploration of invitations to develop a programme in Sudan with women in Dafur and students from a leading university in Khartoum is underway.

Click here to see a video interview on YouTube of Ann Njeri Ndiangui from Kenya, an International Coordinator of Creators of Peace.