A Transforming Experience


Keswick to Caux DVD coverSummer 2008 marked the 100th anniversary of a transforming experience of Frank Buchman who founded what is now Initiatives of Change. Seventeen people, young and old, from various religious backgrounds and nationalities, travelled together on a three week journey from Keswick to Oxford then to Visby, Freudenstadt and finally to Caux. They explored the essence of Buchman’s transformation, what developed from it, and its significance for today.


A 35-minute DVD has been produced by Howard Grace and members of the team that travelled, with the title ‘A transforming experience’. And so it was for all those who took part in this venture, and for many they met along the way. The DVD is an excellent way to enter into their experience and the questions they examined.

To get your copy, and enquire about costs, email Howard Grace,  for PAL format.

Email Chris Hartnell,  for NTSC format.

Below you can view the video via YouTube. Because of size restrictions, the 35-minute video has been split into four parts. After you have viewed the first, you can click the link underneath to continue and see the second part, and so on.

When you have finished the first part, please click here for the second part.

Year of publication2008
Shipping classpaperback/video