That Other Voice
Friday, October 13, 2017

British journalist and broadcaster Graham Turner's new book, That Other Voice, addresses the fundamental issue of whether or not there is a God who can speak to us in this day and age. And, if so, how? Turner takes a suitably sceptical view without making any presumptions. He interviews people from the major faith traditions: Jewish, Hindu, Christian, sufi Muslim, Tibet Buddhist and including the emphasis of Initiatives of Change on silent listening in 'quiet times'.

The book is surprisingly romantic as he tells the stories of two people, including himself, who were 'led' to the person they duly married, both partnerships enduringly successful. He is searingly honest in telling his own experience of listening for guidance from God--and the period in his professional career when he ceased to do so, to his and his family's great cost. Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, writes that 'the voice of God comes in many forms, and in this book we see just how diversely it can be heard.' He adds: ‘This vivid and sensitive book introduces us to a wide variety of people who have learned about change by learning to listen…. This is the very opposite of a naïve belief that there is an inner light that will give us infallible guidance in our problems. On the contrary it is about developing habits of silence and attention, scrutinising without self-indulgence the byways of our “inner life”, and nurturing a basic trust that truth exists and will change us and our world if only we allow it space enough.’ Richard Chartres, the former Bishop of London, said at the book's launch: 'This is a rattling good read. I read it in one sitting.' Turner himself said at the book's launch: '…in this book I want the evidence to speak for itself, to leave readers to make up their own minds.'

That Other Voice by Graham Turner, published by Darton, Longman and Todd, London, RRP £12.99. The book can be ordered from the IofC centre in London for £12 plus p&p.

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