Workshop for Africa participants in South Sudan
Workshop for Africa
Workshop for Africa participants in South Sudan

The Workshop for Africa

Too often the leaders of Africa have let their people down.
Too often, the people have let their leaders mislead them.

The result is poor governance structures, corruption that eats away credibility and resources and legal systems that do not serve the ordinary people as they should.

Africa deserves better than this.

Workshop for Africa is a programme designed by Africans to develop teams of Africans to take on the task of deepening and strengthening ethical leadership and good governance across Africa, based on the principles and practices of Initiatives of Change.

Two approaches have been taken to pursue this aim:

The South Sudan Initiative

South Sudanese peace and reconciliation graduates Initiatives of Change partnered with the Government of South Sudan to develop a campaign for national reconciliation, drawing on IofC’s experience in trustbuilding and ethical leadership. This effort, which drew in many sectors of South Sudanese society (including the diaspora) was highlighted by a month-long training event for 200 peace and reconciliation mobilizers that represented every state in the country.


The Workshop for Africa Training Programme

This six-week programme trained 11 Africans to be a task force that could deepen and strengthen ethical leadership across Africa. The course gave participants the inner tools and professional skills to be effective leaders in the work of developing good governance on the continent.

‘The need for good governance – ethical leadership and equality before the law – is Africa’s greatest priority.’
- Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former Secretary General of the Commonwealth