2016 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Initiatives of Change 2016 Annual Report

The report documents our world wide network’s consistent, tireless efforts—as individuals, groups, IofC registered bodies—in collaborative actions in 2016. The initiatives converge around the focus areas of addressing the root causes of extremism of all kinds, just governance and sustainable living as well as ethical leadership in business and economic life. The report highlights the importance of equipping and connecting people of all backgrounds, ages and professions to start local initiatives that make a difference to our world.

Dr Martin Luther King said ‘the arc of the universe is long but bends towards justice’. The stories in this report give us hope and encourage us to continue to work in partnership with others to bend the arc towards lasting changes in society that give purpose, meaning and dignity to all. Initiatives of Change is an idea that includes everyone in the common task of making a better world.

In order to limit the financial and environmental footprint associated with printing and shipping, the annual report has only been published online.

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