6th Eastern Africa Youth Forum Call for Applications

Thursday, 21. February 2019

The Eastern Africa region has a huge population with an average of 70% of the population being young people. This has led to an increase in youth engagement in the leadership of various sectors in the East African countries. While focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we understand that ethical leadership is key to achieving these goals and key to the development of our countries. With more youth preparing to take up leadership roles there is a need to spark conversations on ethical leadership.

The 6th East Africa Youth Forum (EAYF) seeks to understand ethical leadership practices and their importance in propelling development processes. It also aims at creating an educational platform through which young people will learn from mentors, share knowledge and skills on leadership practices, and be reminded of the role they play in their countries achieving good governance through ethical leadership. 

As we continue to envision an Africa that is economically prosperous, politically vibrant, ecologically sustainable and socially inclusive - a continent of people who celebrate their cultural heritage and diversity bringing hope to the world - the 6th EAYF will be addressing the theme of ‘Ethical Leadership, Key to Better Nations’. 

Application form due date is the 5th March 2019. Please download and fill then send the application to

Download here the Eastern Africa Youth Forum 6 Concept Note