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Next Foundations for Freedom Regional Meeting will be held in Romania

Tuesday, 24. January 2012

Views of Romania (Photo: Diana Damsa) What, where and when
INGO Foundations for Freedom would like to inform you about their annual Regional Meeting, which will take place 23-25 March, 2012. The Romanian Club for Young Leaders has expressed its readiness to host us in Baia Mare, Romania.

Regional meetings of Foundations for Freedom have always served as a space for us to meet, get to know about existing initiatives, to evaluate our common past, to look at the present and to think about the future of our network and organization. We are hoping to have this meeting in a style of creating a fruitful atmosphere of ‘searching for the future’.

Who for
The idea is for a couple of people from each region to take part in the meeting.  One of them should be someone with F4F experience, who is a leader in a local team.  Another person – someone who is relatively new to F4F, but who is ready to continue the work of F4F in the region both locally and interregionally. 
Thus, we are expecting 30-35 people for the Regional Meeting.  Please let us know about your participation before 20 February 2012.

Complete the Regional Meeting Application Form here>>

•    To create space where people from different F4F teams can meet;
•    To exchange ideas and expectations from local projects and initiatives;
•    To evaluate work of F4F in 2011 on regional level;
•    To search together how our work is applicable for the needs of the society in Eastern and Central Europe;
•    To learn possibilities for common activities in a united spirit and with common vision;
•    To provide opportunity to take part in 1-2 training sessions on team-building and working with volunteers.

Views of Romania (Photo: Diana Damsa)Details
Currently we are gathering a team, which would be creating a programme for the Regional Meeting.
Since the meeting is taking place in Romania, a visa would be needed for some participants.  Members of CYL in Romania would be responsible for logistics for the Regional Meeting.  See the contact details below.

At present we are also fundraising for your participation in the meeting, although, we believe that some financial contribution for the meeting would be appreciated.  We will be able to provide you with more information about the financial situation in more detail soon.

We understand that the time is quite limited, however, we hope that you would accept this initiative positively and would support it!

For Administration questions contact Angela Starovoytova  and Anton Yemelyanov,
For logistic details contact Diana Damsa

Complete the Regional Meeting Application Form here>>

Download Letter of Invitation (MS Word English) here>>

Download Letter of Invitation (MS Word, Russian) here>>

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