Foundations for Freedom Leaning Track in Caux 2-8 August

Foundations for Freedom Leaning Track in Caux 2-8 August

Friday, 22. June 2012

Foundations for Freedom Leaning Track in Caux, Switzerland on 02-08 August 2012

Have you heard about the “The Dynamics of Being a Change-maker” conference in Caux, Switzerland from the 02-08 August 2012?

As well as the usual plenaries and community groups, this conference will offer 'Foundations for Freedom' (F4F) learning track from Eastern and Central Europe run by Anna Pozogina and Angela Starovoytova. It would give a brief overview and a taste of what F4F courses are about and how they are run.  
Alongside with F4F learning track there would be other tracks run by other successful programmes in IofC:

the Life Matters Course - from Australia

the Heart Of Effective Leadership - from India

Connecting Communities - from America

Creators of Peace Circle

Creators of Peace Circle Facilitators Training

Q. Have you ever wondered what happens on these courses?
Q. Have you ever considered running one of these courses in your area?
Q. Have you ever wanted to take part in one of these courses to find out if they are useful?

Well here is your chance to find out more yourself, or send those people who you would like to give further IofC training.

You can find out more about the conference here>>