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'Intergenerational approach to Europe: past, present and future'

Monday, 19. March 2012

Initiatives of Change-Lorraine (a branch of Initiatives of Change, France) in partnership with Foundations for Freedom (F4F, Ukraine) are pleased to invite you to a discovery visit to the heart of Europe to explore an 'Intergenerational approach to Europe: past, present and future’. The event is dedicated to the important date, 9 May 1950, when Robert Schuman presented his proposal on the creation of an organized Europe, indispensable to maintain peaceful relations.

Over the course of one week the group of young adults from different European countries in a constant dialogue between generations, will look at the Europe of yesterday and today. Together they will also be discovering their personal role and responsibility within this group, their organizations and countries in building Europe for tomorrow.

Old Town of Metz, church Sainte-Ségolène. Photo taken by Kristina BEDIJS, Metz 2004. (Source: www.

The hosting organization is Initiatives et Changement-Lorraine. Since 1946, Initiatives of Change, has been at the heart of Franco-German reconciliation, which in turn played a part in the creation of European institutions.  In order to continue this work at a regional level, a branch of IofC is operating in Lorraine since 1967. It is registered at the Court of summary jurisdiction of Thionville. Its strapline  is "Be the change you want to see in the world”.  The main aim of the venture is to inspire participants to engage with the changing situation in Europe in order to hold it together using the experiences and knowledge of its foundation.

Dates:  May 6-13 2012

Participants: 15 young adults (age 20-30) mostly from Central and Eastern Europe who have directly or indirectly benefited from activities run by Initiatives of Change and Foundations for Freedom.

Participating countries:  France, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Serbia, Belarus, and Russia.

Languages: English and French.

The programme includes:

  • Educational visits and meetings in World Center for Peace and the 1st World War Memorial (Verdun), Schengen Peace Foundation / World Peace Forum of Schengen (L), with City Council in Yutz (France), with teachers and pupils of Deutsch-Luxemburgisches Schengen Lyzeum, Perl (D), etc.
  • Participation in 'European Day' event with the Robert Schuman European Centre, Scy-Chazelles, including 'An intergenerational approach to Europe, past present and future' with the presence of students as well as regional and European leaders.
  • Public event in the form of Intergenerational dialogue on the topic: “Europe yesterday and today - taking on Europe for tomorrow’;
  • Joining a Walk for Peace (a world wide event) linking the three border cities of Schengen (L), Apach (F) and Perl (D).
  • Facilitated discussions, personal reflections and training on the topics of intercultural communication and learning, listening and value based decision-making. 


Organizers are undertaking all expenses during the project, including accommodation (in private homes), food, transportation and entrance fees for organized visits.

Each participant is invited to contribute as much as he/she is able to towards the cost of transport to the project location with the minimum limit being 50% of the cost. It will be reimbursed to the participants during their time in France. Depending on the participant’s needs extra scholarships might be provided on request (make a note of that in application form).

Participation fee is 20 Euro.

Application process:

Please, apply online by 27, March 2012 here. You would get confirmation about your participation by 30, March 2012 via email.


Angela Starovoytova (Ukraine) (tel. +380508081159)

Charles Danguy (France)

Location and how to get there:

The place of the event, Yutz, is halfway between Metz (30 km) and Luxembourg (30 km) where there is an international airport. Frankfurt Hahn has low-costs airlines. Ground transport to Thionville is on request (3 hours drive). The railway station for Yutz is Thionville with good rail connections. By road, Yutz is 20 km North of the East-West A4 motorway and is on the North-South A 31mortorway. There are regular coach lines with Poland and Ukraine.

Download the Detailed Program for the Lorraine Visit here

Download the Invitation for the Lorraine Visit here