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Cover of video, 'Encounters with Truth'

Set amidst the sights and sounds of India, with original music by Hariprasad Chaurasia, this film is a profile of Rajmohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. In his capacities as journalist, author and member of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament, Rajmohan's message and example confronts corruption, caste prejudice and religious intolerance. He says of his grandfather, 'his struggle has to be continued, the evils he fought have to be fought. I would like to accept that challenge'.

The Cross and the Bodhi Tree video

Subtitled 'Two Christian encounters with Buddhism' and filmed in Cambodia, France and England, this film depicts the extraordinary spiritual journeys ofFather François Ponchaud, a French Catholic priest who works in Cambodia, and Mother Rosemary SLG, an English Anglican nun, who leads a life of prayer in an enclosed convent in Oxford.

Serene Life and Serene Smile

'These two very beautiful films show that Cambodia is not only a country prey to war and unending violence, but also a place where the great virtues of Buddhism – tolerance, non-violence and compassion – are practised.’ King Norodom Sihanouk

The Serene Smile DVD cover

This 20-minute film is based upon a contemporary Cambodian poem interwoven with sayings of the Buddha. It juxtaposes scenes of life in Cambodia today with stunning images of mediaeval Khmer art on the one hand and the tragic legacy of the Khmer Rouge on the other. The film is pervaded by haunting indigenous music. The poem asks whether the smiles on the ancient carvings of Cambodia's temples are 'frozen and lifeless' - whether, after the violent deaths of millions of Cambodians, the Khmer culture is also 'dead.

The Serene Life DVD cover

This 20-minute DVD is based on the only full-length interview given to a professional film crew by Buddhist Master and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Venerable Maha Ghosananda. Venerable Ghosananda speaks with profundity, gentleness and, at times, with mirth. He warns of the dangers of deforestation and illustrates the value of fostering a non-violent attitude towards nature. He expounds on the philosophy of the dhammayietras or peace marches - which became the most sustained mobilisation of monks and nuns for a social cause in the history of Cambodian Buddhism.

Le Mook "Oser la paix - l'audace des réconciliateurs" donne la parole à des acteurs connus ou méconnus qui oeuvrent pour la paix et la réconciliation au quotidien. Les éditions Autrement nous invitent ainsi à découvrir l'histoire et les témoignages de ceux qui, du Cambodge aux Balkans, de la Colombie au Proche-Orient tentent de dialoguer, négocier, reconstruire...

No end to the adventure - the journey of a change-maker by Pierre Spoerri

Pierre Spoerri, from Switzerland, and his wife, Fulvia, were amongst those responsible for international conferences held each year at the Initiatives of Change centre in the Alpine village of Caux. Spoerri travelled widely in Asia, the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, South Africa, and post-war Germany, reporting for European newspapers and working with MRA/Initiatives of Change.

Catching up with Gandhi by Graham Turner

‘There is no doubt that Gandhi was the greatest man of the 20th century,’ asserted author and journalist Graham Turner, speaking at the London launched of his new book. Catching up with Gandhi takes a fresh look at the life of the Indian freedom fighter. ‘I wanted to write something that young people would find interesting and accessible,’ Turner told the Hindustan Times. He succeeds in doing so in this engaging page-turner, which introduces Mahatma Gandhi to today’s generation who may not know much about him.