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Chico the Street Boy by Evelyne Puig

Chico felt free and happy, shouting and singing as he went on his way. After all, he had his cart and he had some money. He could work in the market, and he was his own boss. Somehow though, a chilly feeling crept into his stomach. Where could he sleep, now that he was no longer with Tia Geni? Where was he to cook his meals? Again he though of his parents. They must be somewhere. If only he could find them. A heartwarming story of courage and suspense from Brazil's bustling city of Rio de Janeiro. (Ages 8-12)

Rediscovering Freedom by John Lester, Pierre Spoerri

Does our freedom allow us to dream? Are we free from materialism and fear? Are we able to take on the most exacting freedom of all, the freedom to care?

Beeld: A listening ear, reflections on Christian Caring.

Born in 1898, Paul Tournier died in 1986, shortly after the first edition of this book. The Swiss doctor's books have been translated into many languages, and his work now inspires a new generation of doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists, and health-workers who seek to marry science and faith in their work and in their lives.
Tournier lived and worked in Geneva, Switzerland.

Le Combat de Peter Howard by Anne Wolrige-Gordon

Regards sur une vie passionnée et passionnant.
Anne Wolrige Gordon a mis trois ans à préparer son livre : elle a lu toute la correspondance de son père – plus de 50'000 lettres – ses articles, ses livres, pièces de théâtre et autres écrits. De cette prodigieuse richesse, elle a su faire une œuvre attachante qui relance le combat essentiel de Peter Howard, un combat qui concerne chacun.

Does life make sense? by Frida Nef

From the preface by Dr. Paul Tournier: “There are already plenty of books about famous missionaries and eminent evangelists. But they are the life-stories of exceptional people, and they leave the reader uninvolved, because he himself lacks such gifts…

The World at the Turning by Charles Piguet and Michel Sentis

“This book is written for everyone who is looking to the future. It holds out a hand to people of every belief who are ready to offer hope to mankind. We have learnt, in thirty years of working with Buddhists, Hindus, North American Indians, Africans of all beliefs, militant Communists, young revolutionaries, powerful capitalists, peasants, politicians, trade union leaders, that hope is not confined to any one temple. Modern communications have made the world into one large community. They require us to come out of our religious ghettos and find the vocabulary, the attitudes, the behaviour which will allow all people to unite in a common spiritual battle. God has given us this world. It is up to us to be responsible for it,” Charles Piguet and Michel Sentis.

Was eine Frau vermag by Jacqueline Piguet

Das Leben der Irène Laure, Pionier der Europäischen Versöhnung.

Tu seras mon frère by Alec Smith

L’avènement du Zimbawe, après quatorze années de guerre civile. Vingt mille morts.
Le fils d’Ian Smith, Premier ministre de Rhodésie, relate ce processus historique auquel il mêle son propre itinéraire. Drogué et rebelle, il a rencontré le Christ et a repris le chemin de l’espoir.