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Rajmohan Gandhi opens 'Week of Trust' in Ukraine

Tuesday, 29. May 2012

Yulia Krivosheina

Professor Rajmohan Gandhi joined the official opening of 'Week of Trust' in Simferopol, Ukraine, via Skype on 28 May.

Civil campaign 'Week of Trust' was organized by the Club for Young Leaders (CYL, Crimea) in partnership with the International NGO Foundations for Freedom and started in the Information Press-Center in Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine.

Professor Rajmohan Gandhi, former President of Initiatives of Change International, joined the meeting via Skype. He shared his wisdom with young people in the audience, representatives of the different cultures in Crimea. Answering the question, what an ordinary person can do, if there are much more powerful people causing the problems in the world, he said, that he would not add his personal ambitions to the existing problems.

'I will fight against injustice, I will fight against oppression with all the determination and passion I have. But I will not allow my bitterness, my greed, and my personal ambitions to add to the problems of the world.'

'The opposite of trust is suspicion, but also the opposite of trust is control. So, if I want my children to grow and become competent, and become confident, I must trust them, even if they make mistakes. I must take my hands off, I must give them freedom. So trust really means giving those around me freedom to do what they want', said Rajmohan Gandhi.

The main goal of the 'Week of Trust' campaign is to initiate broad public discussion within Ukraine on the aspects of building trust amongst various social groups to foster sustainable development of the country.

Special thanks to Zoryana Borbulevych and Oleksa Stasevych for the help in organizing this video conference, and to Anton Yemelyanov, for his idea of setting up the teleconference.

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