About Us

About Us

From personal change to global change

Who We Are

Initiatives of Change (IofC) began as a spiritual and social movement more than 80 years ago, drawing on the ideas that by applying guiding values of absolute honesty, unselfishness, purity and love in daily life, and being open to the divine spark within, anyone could help create a better society.

Today, IofC International is a donation- and grant-funded nonprofit organization, registered in Switzerland, which serves as the central hub for a global network of both national teams and individuals who are leading community-based initiatives. Our grassroots approach encourages local ownership and focuses on accompanying, strengthening, and empowering individuals to be the change they want to see in the world.

Our Aims

Our Vision: a just, peaceful and sustainable world to which everyone, responding to the call of conscience, makes their unique contribution.

Our Mission: to inspire, equip and connect people to address world needs, starting with themselves.

There are 36 national teams and international programmes that comprise IofC’s voluntary association membership. Each operates autonomously, but focuses their attention in one or more of the following areas:

  • Trustbuilding: Peace and social cohesion through trust and reconciliation.
  • Ethical Leadership: Leadership based on integrity, compassion and selfless service.
  • Sustainable Living: Economic justice and environmental sustainability.

IofC’s teams and programmes aim to be inclusive of all people and perspectives; we do not discriminate based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, religion, culture, or individual political opinions.

Everyone, everywhere, has a part to play and a story to tell.

What We Do

People are at the centre of our approach, linking global and personal change. Our work focuses on the human dynamic of lasting change.

We uphold a self-reflective approach and values-based living as our primary tools in this effort. We encourage people to:


We believe an honest look at one’s own motives and behaviour is often the start of personal transformation. Across the world's many cultures you will find values that serve to guide the individual and the community. Of the many, IofC singles out four values as our foundation for self-reflection:

  • Honesty 
  • Unselfishness
  • Love
  • Purity 


Listen to others

Honest conversation, undertaken in an open spirit, builds bridges of trust and community between people of similar, different, and even antagonistic, backgrounds. These enable healing, partnership and common action.


Our people and programmes seek to strengthen the foundations of society and to bring healing where there is conflict. Take a look at our programmes or sign up for one of our events to find your opportunity for action.