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Asia Pacific Coordination Group

Asia-Pacific Coordination Group (APCG)



  • Offer servant leadership in the Asia Pacific region on the basis of trust and fellowship to the IofC network in the region, coordinating needs and opportunities.
  • Serve as a reference point for national teams and for international programs.
  • Serve as a reference point for the International Association/ International Council and IofC funding organizations.
  • Schedule the APRG every two years, and to ensure decisions and initiatives from each APRG are sustained.


Key Work Focus Areas

  • Asia Pacific Outreach Program: Developing a comprehensive system for international visits and outreaches to better match resources and needs across the region by leveraging the diversity of our teams and programs.
  • Skills Development Program: Developing and delivering the curriculum of core competences for IofC practitioners, e.g. IofC heritage and practice, outreach, operational skills.
  • Regional 'Caring for the Committed Program': Forming a community of care-givers and support mechanism to provide care and mentoring to committed IofC practitioners in the region.




Kim VuthKim Vuth, Cambodia

Kim Vuth has been part of IofC since 2002 when attending the Asia Pacific Youth Conference (APYC) in Malaysia. Presently he resides with his wife and 4 children in Phnom Penh. He was a participant in a nine-month leadership training program called Action for Life (AfL). Kim Vuth completed his master degree in peace building. Over the years, he has helped to bring together youth from all parts of Cambodia to participate in a variety or program including cooking food for the poor, books distribution to poor kids, youth camp and friendship building with neighboring countries.


Nigel HeywoodNigel Heywood, Australia

Nigel worked in leadership training and community development programs with IofC from 2001 – 2013. He is interested in how the APCG plays a role in developing leaders, networks, and initiatives across the Asia Pacific regions to address needs arising out of conflicts, injustice, and inequality. Nigel has completed a two-year master in Folklore at the University of North Carolina as part of an International Rotary Peace Fellowship. He is passionate about peace, storytelling and the creative alternatives that come out of a community.


Siddharth SinghSiddharth Singh, India

Siddharth first engaged with IofC core ideas in 1997 when he was volunteering at the international conference celebrating 50 years of Indian independence at Asia Plateau. Over the years he has been involved with various initiatives and programs of IofC both in India and outside. Siddharth serves as trustee of IofC India and the Joint Director of Asia Plateau, the training and conference centre of IofC in India. He has been part of Asia Pacific Youth Conference (APYC) and Life Matters Course (LMC) organizing team. He is commited to using his life for transformation in the world through people, and to create a world that works for everyone not just a privileged few.


Tony AmarTony Amar, New Zealand

Tony is a Geospatial professional working with Fire and Emergency NZ. Tony was on the organizing team for Action for Life (AfL) 3 and has participated in a number of IofC conferences, including Samoa, Collaroy Australia, Asia Pacific Youth Conference (APYC). He is married to Alison Hayes and has two sons.



Yeonyuk JeongYeonyuk Jeong, South Korea

Yeonyuk is a civil engineer by education and has worked full-time with IofC over 20 years. He has participated and organized APYC over 12 times since 1992. He decided to work full time with IofC while he was in Australia between 1996 and 1998. Since then he is willing to search and obey the truth, the small voice within his heart. Now he serves as director of IofC Korea and also a member of IofC International Council. He believes in world changing through personal life changing and would like to take a part in remaking the world in a peaceful and positive way.


Yofrina Octika GultomYofrina Octika Gultom, Indonesia

Yofrina has known IofC since 2011 when attending the 8th Youth Camp organized by IofC Indonesia. She graduated from Education Department and then continued her study in Department of Communication Science. Yofrina became the program coordinator of IofC Indonesia in 2014 till 2016. She plays the role as the secretary of IofC Indonesia. Being part of IofC volunteers helps her realize how to work wholeheartedly and what it truly means to be a servant leader.


Mayur MilanMayur Milan, India (co-opted)

Mayur Milan first met the ideas of IofC in 2007 as a student. During the four-day programme at Asia Plateau, Mayur felt challenged to bring about a change in his life and to find his purpose by following the core philosophy of IofC. That transformation enabled him to connect deeply with the movement and contribute to it in various capacity for multiple initiatives, specially youth programmes across the region. Mayur serves on the IofC India Council and is also part of their core communication team.





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