APCG In-Person Meeting

Chinese with the World Session CinA 5 Conference

APCG In-Person Meeting

Tuesday, 12. November 2019


By Yofrina Gultom

Asia Pacific Coordination Group (APCG)

Shenzhen, China 19 to 23 September 2019

Face to Face Meeting


APCG members had face-to-face meeting on 19-23 September in Shenzhen, China. The meeting was a space for us to bond with one another which might not be possible in virtual environment, to hold discussions, to communicate ideas and to put them into actions. During those days, we were also involved in the 5th Chinese in Action (CinA) conference. We were given a space to share how we experience ‘Quiet Times’ in our lives; looking within ourselves, how to put things right in life and how we make choices and take actions.

  • Spiritual Searching: We started with a description of how each of us met IofC and what the commitment means to us. We also built our spiritual core and lived the values which help us to work together across the region. APCG members also had a discussion of vision and a visioning exercise. Each individual commitment will allow vision and make teamwork. We feel trust is an essential element in team productivity. One member shared, ‘I feel blessed to be surrounded by such amazing and wonderful team. Teamwork teaches me to build trust, communicate openly and together answer the needs of the regions. Trust environment makes me feel safe and connected to others. Being part of APCG expands my mind, strengthens my understanding of other nations and wider global issues, encourages me think deeply, and inspires me to take steps toward a better world.’
  • Regional Team Support: There were many ways to work on classifying all the different team in regions, and it was suggested that one method may relate to capability and capacity. We then explored from our knowledge a team by team analysis of what each team had and what the needs may be. Throughout the meeting, we got more detailed around activities such as considering hosting regional retreats for and how we make the spiritual core central to everything we do.
  • Strategic Thinking: We had a brief team building exercise to find out more about each other. We discussed communications strategy and looked at the communication needs for the region. We also discussed training and financial strategies along with the outreach programs. APCG members then looked at portfolio and roles within APCG and what is needed to ensure that APCG runs effectively. We ended with a team building exercise in gratitude for our time together.
  • Meeting with IofC seniors: We summarized our meetings for IofC seniors present which was done with much appreciation to Ren-Jou, Grace, and CinA team, for inviting us and hosting us. The IofC seniors gave us valuable feedback, and challenges as well, including the challenge to pick one initiative. Make it effective and specific for five years and run it with conviction.

There is an important update we must share; Elise Collins mentioned that considering her reality of work commitments at IofC Australia, she is finding it difficult to give her best to APCG. She has decided to step down from APCG. We are saddened by this, but also understand that this has not been an easy decision for Elise and stand by her in this.

APCG would like to notify, be updated and involved with various programs and initiatives in the region. We welcome any ideas, concerns, and suggestions and kindly let us know if you have any other questions and issues. Feel free to share your thoughts to apcg@iofc.org.

Asia Pacific Coordination Group


APCG Members: Yeonyuk Jeong (South Korea), Tony Amar (New Zealand), Yofrina Octika Gultom (Indonesia),
Nigel Heywood (Australia), Kim Vuth (Cambodia), Siddharth Singh (India)