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Offering young people from the Asia Pacific region the opportunity to dialogue with those from neighbouring countries

Asia Pacific Youth Conference, Taiwan

Saturday, 2. August 2014 (All day) to Saturday, 9. August 2014 (All day)

2013 participantsBuilding Trust Across the World’s Divides -Youth’s Roles and Responsibilities

WHEN: 2 - 9 August 2014

WHERE: Taipei, Kaohsiung and Tainan, Taiwan

WHO: Youth aged 18-35 from the Asia-Pacific region and beyond


Today’s social, political, economic and environmental crises demonstrate humanity’s interdependence and the need for global cooperation on a new scale. Yet, many of us are unwilling to change our living and thinking, determined to hang on to the illusion of independence and self-sufficiency. What is needed is bridge-building: between personal and global change; between the past, present and future; between the grassroots practitioners and policymakers; between countries, cultures and peoples divided from each other. These bridges are built when people’s motives and living are transformed.

Bridging the divides that have blocked many people from living up to their full potential individually and collectively requires the best human endeavor in trust-building, which mitigates conflicts and clashes between many countries and cultures; ethical leadership, which addresses corruptions and moral decays in the business and public sectors; and sustainable living, which brings a sense of meaning and purpose to life in the age of information.

This conference aims to provide a space for concerned youths from Asia Pacific region and beyond to have honest and sincere dialogues with themselves and with each other on how individuals can identify their roles in and take personal responsibilities for major issues of our world today and find specific steps that they can take to stop being part of the problem and start living the answer.


Plenary Sessions

  • Dynamics of being a changemaker

  • Exploring personal roles and responsibilities in a globalized world in the 21st century

  • Trust-building: breaking down the wall of hatred and indifference

  • Ethical leadership: just governance for all and at all levels

  • Sustainable living: the moral factor in economic and social life

Programmes and activities

  • Interactive plenary sessions with panelists addressing relevant issues

  • Training sessions exploring the idea and practice of Change at all levels

  • Workshops on a range of topics relevant to the youth

  • In-depth sharing of personal stories in small groups

  • Inner Reflection/Quiet Time for personal spiritual growth

  • Cultural and creative presentations from respective countries

  • Field trips to sites and organizations of interests

  • Homestay in Tainan (on 9 August 2014)

FEE: The conference fee is US$500. Fees can be paid upon arrival to the conference in US dollars. Scholarships are available upon request.

FINANCE: The said registration fee covers only part of the actual costs, e.g. accommodation, transportation, food, conference materials and programmes, for organizing this conference. To make APYC financially viable and available to all, we count on the generous donations by individuals and groups who are convinced of the benefits that APYC brings to its participants. We appreciate any contribution towards APYC and for those who are not able to pay for their own participation.

VISA: Nationals of certain countries do not need a visa to visit Taiwan but others do. Please check with the Taiwan Embassy/Representative Office in your respective country for visa arrangements beforehand. An invitation letter may be issued by the conference organizer to registered participants for visa application purpose.

ARRIVAL: International participants are advised to land at Taoyuan (Taipei) International Airport by 2 pm, 2 August at the latest, as the official opening ceremony starts at 5 pm, 2 August, 2014 in Taipei.

DEPARTURE: The conference ends in Tainan at 5:30 pm, 9 August, and international participants are advised to book their outbound flights on 10 August, 2014.

ORGANIZER: Initiatives of Change Taiwan

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a global network of people committed to changing themselves and engaging other people to create answers for the world. IofC operates on the principles of absolute honesty, purity, unselfishness and love and encourages people to find corrections and directions in life through the daily practice of listening to the inner voice. IofC Taiwan, a registered national NGO in Taiwan and a full member of IofC International, organized the first APYC in 1990 and has hosted five APYCs in the past.


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Contact Persons: Mr HSU Shoufeng and Mrs OUYANG Huifang 

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