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Building trust at home with Rob Corcoran

Tuesday, 5. May 2020


When we asked Trustbuilding Program trainer Rob Corcoran a few questions related to building trust as individuals in times of crisis, one of the things he mentioned is that it’s a time for ‘letting go and claiming humility’. What does he mean?


How can we build trust as individuals during this time?

Despite the many tragedies we see around us, I am inspired by the selflessness and solidarity that we see at the community level. COVID-19 is testing our trust in our institutions and in our fellow citizens. Each one of us is responsible. Without solidarity it will be very difficult to emerge from this crisis. So IofC’s trustbuilding work is more relevant than ever.

I think my most important personal insight during this forced ‘pause’ is that this is a time for letting go and for claiming humility.

Thursday 7 May we will publish a post from Rob in which he will elaborate more on this topic. Stay tuned!

Have you heard stories of increased trust emerging from this crisis?

I heard a distinguished medical professional say that service is a great antidote to loneliness and that the simple act of reaching out to someone else has a beneficial physical and phycological effect.

Personally, this has been a wonderful opportunity to reach out and connect with friends with whom I have not spoken for a long time and to share experiences and perspectives.

How have you stayed at peace during this time?

It has been helpful to maintain a certain daily discipline: early morning quiet times anchor my spirit and counter the constant news of the pandemic; exercise such as walks, biking and online yoga and other classes; expressing my thoughts in writing; photographing the beautiful spring; and playing music on my guitar and even song writing for the first time in many years.

Rob and Susan Corcoran


Do you have any tips for building trust in isolation?

My wife and I wrote a list of things that we are grateful for this past year. Looking at how God has led us step by step and how important decisions were made at the right time has built our trust that we will be shown the next steps.  

We are looking for your stories on building trust as well. Whether it is a story about building trust in a relationship, within your organization, business, or even with yourself. Get in touch with Communications Officer Manon Michelle Monhemius and maybe your story will be featured here next!


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The Trustbuilding Program is aimed at addressing divisive issues at the international and national levels, on the premise that only those who have undergone the internal process of becoming trustworthy themselves can close gaps across the globe. The Program was launched by Initiatives of Change International in 2019 with projects in Kenya, Canada and France.