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Celebrating 100 years of IofC

Tuesday, 23. March 2021


Initiatives of Change (IofC) and its forerunners have a history stretching back for more than a century. Over the years, IofC has been ‘building trust across the world’s divides’, between races, imperialists and nationalists, between people of different faiths, between employers and trades unions, and more. Now, the Swedish For A New World foundation has just launched a website, by the same name, which aims to centralize the hundred years of Initiatives of Change, Moral Re-Armament and the Oxford Group. Personal stories, films, music, sound recordings, photos, periodicals and publications, all in a central location and open to the public.

This website is the culmination of over 12,000 hours of work, most of it by volunteers the world over, and 11 different site languages (including Chinese and Arabic) are available to help you navigate your way around. What are some of the highlights? How about:

  • 293 feature films, documentaries and clips
  • 350 biographies of individuals
  • 2,258 publications
  • And over 1000 black and white photos from the Caux archive

Not to mention audio! There are thousands of hours of sound recordings of meetings in the Caux conference centre since the 1950s as well as a collection of songs. The For A New World website is a living library of the movement and its offshoots, stretching back over a century, with links to the major public archives which house the physical documents.

For A New World by nature serves many purposes, like that of a physical library. It is a resource for historians and researchers, a treasure trove for the curious, and point of reflection for the many whose family histories have been touched by Frank Buchman and his legacy. Yet, above all, we hope to give something to the next generation; inspiration, encouragement, and the tools needed for anyone who wants to help ‘remake the world’.