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Change the world, starting with yourself

Sunday, 14. October 2012

Red and Blue game. Participants Irina Poteriaylo and Anna Alekhina Foundations for Freedom Visiting Course took place from 22 to 28 September 2012 in Baranivka, Ukraine. Tatiana Kalchenko, a participant, shares her experience.

It would be correct to call it a dialogue, since it is through dialogue with others and oneself that we participants discussed such important humane issues as searching for common values, the role of forgiveness and trust.

We also managed to devote some time to the more practical household activities in Baranivka House – we painted ‘Granny’s house’ Olga Antonova. Painting of the old 'Granny's house'.in white, we moved straw-blocks under the tent,  and flattened the ground next to the house.

It was this combination of physical activities and time for personal reflection that made the course so dynamic and multifaceted.

‘Quiet time’ has become a completely new experience for many participants – each morning we could just be silent in a group of like-minded people and would then go on to share our thoughts together.


Course certificates. Lena Kashkareva, Tatiana Kalchenko. Most likely, it is exactly this short pause and silence that a modern man is missing. Maybe, the Visiting Course would become a starting point for future changes – both inside oneself and in the world around.

Author: Tatiana Kalchenko

Photos: Liubou Pranevich

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One of the favourite places for Quiet Time in Baranivka.