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Safe spaces to be open

Conferences, dialogues and events where people can safely step out of their comfort-zones to listen, express, and discover the 'other' – across the world’s divides.

Conferences with a difference

Conferences can be venues for negotiations, or they can be gatherings of people interested in disseminating and exchanging information around a particular theme. Initiatives of Change conferences have a different aim: the transforming power of honest conversations. People participate primarily as themselves rather than as functionaries of institutions, and are free to fully take on board the perspectives of others.

Conference as community

For the duration of our conferences, the participants not only talk, but also eat, work and live together. As much as possible the practical work of preparing and serving meals and offering mutual hospitality is done by participants. This holistic approach builds deeper and more equitable relationships. Conversations with fellow kitchen-workers have a different quality to speeches in plenary sessions.