Connecting Communities Fellowship Program

Connecting Communities Fellowship Program

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In a world of competing interests, polarized political positions, growing diversity:

  • How do we live lives that create trust?
  • How do we develop courageous, accountable leadership?
  • What will it take to build communities of hope and opportunity for everyone?
  • This unique program increases the capacity of communities to overcome divisions of race, culture, economics and politics by creating a network of skilled facilitators, capable team builders and credible role models. Program Highlights Include:

  • Catalysts for Change - personal skills an qualities
  • Everyone at the Table - two sessions exploring honest, inclusive dialogue
  • Healing History - creating new narratives for our communities
  • Building & Sustaining Teams -strategies for engaging all sectors

An integrated approach to constructive community change based on the nationally recognized work of Hope in the Cities. Twenty-five selected participants take part in five intensive weekend training sessions. More detailed information on the Hope in the Cities site