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How can I participate with Creators of Peace?

Take part in a Creators of Peace Circle

The first step is to take part in a Creators of Peace Circle. There may be one you can join in your own country or region – see contacts below. We also offer a chance to participate most summers during the Caux Forum

Organise or host a Creators of Peace Circle

Creators of Peace Circles often take place in homes, local community centres or other safe spaces where women can gather across community divides and enjoy shared hospitality. Volunteers are needed to help with inviting, welcoming and following up with participants afterwards.

Undertake our facilitators training

All Creators of Peace Circle Facilitators complete a training programme and usually co-facilitate alongside a more experienced facilitator to start off with.  We can advise on setting up a Creators of Peace Circle and help you debrief or evaluate the process.

Participate in ongoing peace creation activities

Women in Creators of Peace teams help one another in their own initiatives for peace creation, sometimes with joint actions at a local level or supporting them in journeys of healing or reconciliation.

Please contact us and one of us will help discuss some first next steps with you or put you in touch with a National Co-ordinator in your region.

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  • Connect with a Creator of Peace in your area. We have contacts in over 50 countries so there may be someone in your country or region