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Creators of Peace - Elders and Ambassador

We are delighted that three wise women who have been associated with Creators of Peace since its earliest days have now committed to take on the role of "elder" to support a new generation to take on leadership within our network. Together they represent the author of the Creators of Peace Circle manual, one of our ex-Presidents and one of our Founding Mothers. They make themselves available for discernment on significant matters, mentoring younger women and caring for team members in particularly challenging circumstances.

Jean Brown

Jean Brown, Australia

I have loved working with Creators of Peace since 1994. The design of the Creators of Peace Circle and being enabled to introduce it to so many people and places has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. I am a mother and now a grandmother and am convinced more than ever of the power of the stories we pass on to generations to come. And this to me is at the heart of living peace - the awareness that creating the new stories in our own lives and communities that answer fear and hate, and finding the authenticity that comes from personal transformation, can change our world.

She says: "Living peace takes commitment and advocacy; loving, listening and learning - for a life time."

Christiane Garin

Christiane Garin Al Azhari, Switzerland

The vision of women being encouraged and empowered to develop their potential as Peace builders whatever their background or status moved me to support and spread the Creators of Peace since its inception in 1991 in Caux. Years of professional work in Africa had convinced me that women would be the change makers in the continent. Since I first attended and observed personally the liberating and creative power of the Creators of Peace Circles, I have accompanied many friends in establishing Creators of Peace in their own countries and being part of the Creators of Peace international team.

Say says: "Living Peace means for me to try and view any one I encounter without judgment or preconceived idea and to trust that s/he can find in the deep inner silence the unique contribution s/he can make in the world."

Vijayalakshmi Subrahmanyan

Vijayalakshmi Subrahmanyan, India

I have worked full time for over 35 years with Moral Re-armament now Initiatives of Change. I was based at Asia Plateau International Conference and Training Centre of IofC for most of that time taking responsibility for the Kitchen, for running seminars and conferences and care of the Centre. Now for the last 16 years I am running a Trust one of its activities is an After School for underprivileged children. I look at this as practical application of all that I learnt working with IofC. I have been part of the Creators of Peace from the beginning from its planning stages. Now you can guess I am not young!!!

She says: "Living Peace for me is a challenge and a commitment. It is a spiritual odyssey in which I am not alone. I am privileged to be part of a determined, dependable, dedicated global network of women and men who feel compassionate about the situation in the world and want to bring peace."

They are joined by Daphrose, our outgoing President, who will continue to promote Creators of Peace and develop partnerships.

Daphrose Ntarataze

Daphrose Ntarataze (Burundi), Ambassado

I was born in Burundi in 1956, the only child of a modest and Christian family, desired and cherished. I share my life in all its dimensions with Angelo Barampama and together we have 3 sons. My political stance in Burundi pushed me on the road to exile in 1988. Switzerland then offered protection and became my adopted homeland, so I am proud to say that I feel Swiss as well as Burundian. The practice of listening to my inner voice has prompted me to leave the cozy corners of my comfort to engage in a journey as a peacemaker. In the 1990s, I joined IofC and met Creators of Peace at our Uganda conference in 2005. Then following the training process with CoP in 2009 and IofC in 2011, I have been transferring the Creators of Peace Circle experience to others, especially in Francophone countries, including Switzerland, France, Burundi, Cameroon, Mali, Mauritania, Democratic Republic of Congo. Now I am the co-ordinator of the Muntunuwindi Project, joining Creators of Peace Circles and Development initiative for self-empowerment and social cohesion in the Great Lakes Region.