CoP International Coordination Team 2016

Creators of Peace - International Coordination Team

Our international co-ordinators come from different countries and together have oversight of the work of Creators of Peace throughout the world, to support our facilitation and training work, as well as to assure the good governance of our resources.

Amina Dikedi-Ajakaiye

Amina Dikedi-Ajakaiye (Nigeria/UK), President

From 1994 to 2013, I served as one of the CoP International Co-ordinators and joined the 25th anniversary of CoP in 2016 as one of the founding mothers. I was captivated by the vision of Creators of Peace from its very beginning. Listening to an African woman leader like Anna Abdallah-Msekwa, initiator of Creators of Peace, talk about a need for women to respond to issues of our world as women and not as representatives of any political group encouraged me greatly.

I have been actively involved in the work of the MRA/IofC since 1982 where I met the work in my native Nigeria. Initially as a teacher, I took part in national campaigns and then in an international tour with IofC to Scandinavia and then Uganda. From 1987 through 1996, I ran a fashion business in Lagos, but remained involved with IofC work. From 1996, I was a member of the IofC International Coordination Group with a major focus on pan-African activities which led to launching the Harambee ethical leadership course, then co-ordinating reconciliation outreach in South Sudan and convening the IofC Africa Co-ordination Group. I am married and live in UK.

Diana Damsa

Diana Damsa (Romania),  Vice-President

I’ve been interested in the Creators of Peace programme since my internship with Initiatives of Change Australia in 2007. I became more involved in 2009 when we organised the first Creators of Peace Circle in Romania. Since then, we have organised 8 Creators of Peace Circles, plus a few gatherings and follow-up events, developed a network of women connected and empowered to take more responsibility in their community. In 2015, I joined the Programmes Training Portfolio and have become a trainer of facilitators. This growth in involvement has happened organically and as a natural development of my entire IofC experience. I believe I can support even more the CoP programme, assuming more responsibility and giving more time to a programme in which I strongly believe.

Anne-Claire Frank-Seisay

Anne-Claire Frank-Seisay (Netherlands/USA), Secretary

In this position with Creators of Peace I can use my passion for bringing people together on different levels: within the board and within the global network of CoP. I also hope to bring inspiration from these women around the world back to my own community, when facilitating Creators of Peace Circles.

I grew up in the Netherlands, with a Dutch father and a French mother, but I was always interested in the world beyond these two countries and in making it a better place. I have been with peace organizations since I was 15: going from believing one day there would be ‘world peace’, to discovering the power of grassroots approaches as a student, and then the importance of starting with one self to make a change in the world around us.

I always loved working in projects. In different voluntary (board) positions and in my professional life, I usually held the more ‘generalist’ positions like secretary (but also treasurer and president) or project manager. The last few years, I started to combine my project work with facilitation and ‘hosting’ large group conversations. I love connecting people and I believe in the power of bringing different perspectives and voices in the room.

I recently moved to the United States and got married. My husband is American and Sierra Leonean: so we hold 4 cultures in our household!

Gabriela Sebastyen

Gabriela Sebastyen (Romania), Treasurer

My first experience with IofC was a Peace Circle in 2011. It happened in a difficult time of my life and it helped me find my balance and my peace again. Ever since, I have been involved in other programmes of IofC as much as I could, but Creators of Peace is still the closest one to my heart.

I am very proud and happy to be part of this great programme as a Treasurer and help according to my abilities. Thank you for your trust and for giving me an opportunity to give back something to this programme that inspired me and changed my life.

In 1997 I graduated from the Babes-Bolyai University Cluj Napoca, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Speciality Accounting. In 2002 I became an expert accountant and ever since I’ve been working as a freelance accountant. I also worked for 6 years as an economical director at a subsidiary of a governmental firm where I got some experience in budgeting. I keep the books for different types of firms but also for few NGOs. I speak English, French and Spanish.

Luz Stella Camacho Castro

Luz Stella Camacho Castro (Colombia)

I love to facilitate and to accompany women in their process of becoming responsible of healing their own pain and enlightening their darkness. My great longing is to see more and more women sitting in a circle, honoring their own life story and becoming healing seeds for other women. Women connected with the love power of Mother Earth and her cycles, givers of life and its protectors in all its manifestations and who will stand straight with the certainty of their inner wisdom to inspire sisterhood among us under the shelter of God´s Light. I have facilitated workshops, encounters and women circles for 8 years with groups up to 100 hundred women. To support the processes I use tools and methods that have been effective in my own path, most of them inspired by women. From bodywork that brings silence to be able to listen and release the memories of pain, to explore ancestor lineage and heal the old wounds of disconnection with Nature and her cycles, as well as meditations and conscious breathing. I received the beautiful gift of participating in a Creators of Peace Circle, I was deeply touched by its depth and simplicity. I then facilitated my first Creators of Peace Circle with Helena Von Armin in Bogota.

María Cristina Muñoz

María Cristina Muñoz (Brazil)

I have belonged to Initiatives of Change since the beginning of the century, and have worked full time for IofC Brazil since 2014, sharing my personal experience with the Principles and Quiet Time through testimonials, lectures and workshops. I am a facilitator of Creators of Peace Circles since 2010 in Colombia and Brazil.  I firmly believe that the Creators of Peace Circles are successful and can help change women's lives, because I myself have experienced it. After facilitating some in Colombia, I felt called to translate the manual into Portuguese and so they could reach more women, because for me they are a simple but powerful tool for real and permanent change that needs to be spread further. At this stage of my life I have the time to commit to help, and to experience life on my own personal work process.

Nighat Kurshid

Nighat Kurshid (Pakistan)

My first interaction with Initiatives of Change and Creators of Peace was at a seminar in Canberra in 2013, which was about the India and Pakistan partition. The same year, I also had a chance to sit with a Creators of Peace Circle in Wellington, New Zealand. That communication reflected on me to take the idea of peace circles back to my country Pakistan. In my view peace precedes development and peaceful societies best reap the benefits of development. I am now based in Islamabad to research and analyze socio-environmental challenges surrounding women during conflict and war. The CoP friends in Australia and New Zealand have since then been very supportive of my vision to trace a peaceful path for communities most affected by conflicts. Fortunately this year I got elected at Caux during the theme event 'Living Peace' as one of the international coordinators. Very exciting position indeed and I am honoured to work alongside a group of inspiring women from around the world. I aspire to become a worthy team member.


Shoshana Faire

Shoshana Faire (Australia)

I have been involved in Creators of Peace for 6 years and I feel passionate about Creators of Peace, how it touches hearts and empowers women to be peacemakers. For several years now I have been actively facilitating Creators of Peace Circles and Facilitator trainings and refreshers locally and internationally, plus mentoring others to do the same. For the last 3 years, I have been actively involved in the Programs Portfolio together with a very active team. We have developed a Framework for the Programs Portfolio, developed a database of CoP Facilitators internationally,  ‘A Pathways to Being a Creators of Peace Facilitator’ and ‘Pathways to becoming a CoP Trainer of Facilitators’, plus upgraded the Facilitator Training Curriculum,  and produced handouts for our peace circles participants and for our Facilitators.  We are currently focusing particularly on programs for those who have done peace circles.  I am looking forward to continuing with this and to facilitating a community of shared learning and the development of further programs as part of CoP as the need arises.

Sylvie Lefrançois

Sylvie Lefrançois (Switzerland)

My motivation for being a peace creator: I have always admired the courage and strength that radiates women in general, given the great wisdom of some which I am inspired by.  I have a heart to support, listen, and help women to persevere and resolve their biggest challenges.  I myself have experienced in my life story, and I often testify the power of forgiveness.  I like to gather and lead sharing groups. I have the gift of hospitality and I try to be in kindness to each person I meet. I followed the two day facilitator training at Caux in 2015.  I attended my first Creators of Peace Circle facilitated by Christian Garin and Maya Fiaux in January 2015 to January 2016, the have dome my training as a French-speaking facilitator.  I have promoted Creators of Peace in my home and by speaking in my community and to the Friends of Caux.

Kate Monkhouse

Kate Monkhouse (United Kingdom), Executive Officer

I have been passionate about Creators of Peace since my first CoPC in 2009! I am happy to continue to serve CoP in a new way to support our international co-ordination team in shaping our common priorities and resources. CoP is at an exciting moment, we have celebrated 25 years and are now exploring how to share our stories of hope and transformation. I would love us to aim to be more generous with the gift of the Creators of Peace Circle – more widely and deeply, from a stronger network serving other women around the world.

Before taking on the role of Executive Officer, I have enjoyed being with Creators of Peace as Treasurer, International Co-ordinator, facilitator and trainer in UK, Switzerland, Lebanon, Burundi, South Africa and Romania. I bring to this new role of Executive Officer my 20+ years of professional work in trust-building, social inclusion and civic engagement with NGOs such as Jesuit Refugee Service and London Civic Forum, often in faith-based community contexts. I have studies in marketing, public administration and conflict resolution which I hope will be useful as we seek to strengthen our resources and training programmes over the next years.