‘One for all and all for one’. Women power showing the way.

Creators of Peace in Timor Leste

Friday, 23. September 2016

Creators of Peace workshop for women

Following the two days Tools for Change training session in Timor Leste, the participants attended two separate programmes - Creators of Peace for 13 women and Initiators of Peace for 11 men. Here is a report of the Creators of Peace workshop.

Connecting through shared experiences’

Connecting through shared experiences

Twelve young women spent the next two days experiencing the magic of the Creators of Peace (CoP) process. Uka and Lia assisted Tia Nair in facilitating the sessions, and all the sessions were held both in the Tetun language and English. One unique feature of this CoP workshop was that the participants had already been introduced to the ideas of listening and the concept of change envisaged via the earlier ‘Tools for Change’ programme. The Gathering Points of CoP, such as the Inner Listening, Listening to others and the Power of Forgiveness were the catalysts in helping the participants to go deeper within themselves to experience aspects of inner transformation. Each participant was given enough time to experience the inner listening process.

The time of personal story sharing was truly heart wrenching. Each story sharing session saw participants open up about deeply personal experiences and helped create a shared bond among the participants, irrespective of differences in age, religion and language. These sharing sessions allowed for participants to explore how acts of forgiveness and honesty can help them move forward in their lives. 

Each one thought of practical steps they could take in their life through listening to their inner voice, and some enacted those steps almost immediately.  By the last day, there was happiness all around and a spirit of lightness. In their Peace Statements most mentioned that they found happiness.

Below are some of the comments by the participants:

  • I am happy and I got to know a way to move forward during these four days.
  • I am so glad and happy with the story sharing session.
  • I feel so relieved and have got new strength.  My commitment is to do a quiet time every day.
  • CoP has really helped me.
  • I have gained many experiences through these four days.
  • I hope we will continue these connections that we have made.  I love you all.
  • I hope I will have another chance to do CoP.
  • Through this time I found peace, understanding and freedom in my mind and my heart.
  • I wish I will have another chance to have this training next year.

At the end of the session both men and women came together and shared some of the decisions that they took.  There was an atmosphere of deep understanding and respect for one another knowing that they bared their soul to one another and were now not alone in trying to move forward.

We were treated wonderfully with lovely food prepared by Lia’s mother, sister and brother.  We look forward to continuing this learning process with our wonderful friends from Timor Leste.