Über uns

Vision, Auftrag und Schwerpunkte

Vision, Mission and Focus Areas

Our Vision

A just, peaceful and sustainable world to which everyone, responding to the call of conscience, makes their unique contribution.

Our Mission

To inspire, equip and connect people to address world needs, starting with themselves.

Our Focus Areas

Sharp focus enables us to be more effective, consistent and credible both internally and externally. In 2012, Initiatives of Change, through a network-wide participatory consultation process, decided to focus in three areas:

Peace and social cohesion by building trust and reconciliation across divides.

Ethical Leadership
Good governance at every level by developing a leadership culture based on moral integrity, compassion and selfless service.

Sustainable Living
Economic justice and environmental sustainability by inspiring transformation of motives and behaviour.


‘Human nature can be changed, that is the root of the answer. National economies can be changed, that is the fruit of the answer. World history can be changed, that is the destiny of our age.’
Dr Frank N D Buchman 
Founder of MRA (Moral Re-Armament), as IofC was formerly known

‘The problems of endemic poverty, violations of human rights, and injustice, cry out for a deeper and more consciously ethical approach. Civil society is helping to enhance that awareness, demanding harder work and less selfishness. The past tendency was to defend one's city, one's nation, one's tribe or congregation. … But today, with our globalized world, we need a global solidarity that includes everyone. That is truly a new demand.’
Dr Mohammed Sahnoun Diplomat
Former Advisor to the UN Secretary General on the Horn of Africa; President, IofC International, 2006–2008

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