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Umsetzung und Finanzen

Implementation and Finances

Making It Work

Implementing this strategic plan will require a combined effort across the IofC network, in a spirit of trust and mutual support. We are grateful to be able to count on the hard work and dedication of our teams worldwide.

Yearly operational plans will guide the activities and allocation of resources. Measurable targets, success indicators, realistic timelines and milestones will be put in place.

Special emphasis will be put on internal and external accountability. We will undertake regular reviews in order to make sure goals are being met and report on progress.

IofC’s International Council, elected by the network to give leadership to the movement, will oversee the implementation of the strategic plan. It will work closely with IofC’s regional Coordination Groups, legal bodies and local teams, as well as external partners and other organizations to build commitment and momentum behind the strategic directions, priorities and Common Actions in a unifying effort to fulfil our mission.

Financing the Vision

Initiatives of Change International – in common with most of its Member bodies – is financed by a combination of individual contributions, foundation and government grants. Its accounts are audited annually and are available on request.

Dedicated volunteers, with strong personal commitment to serve, undertake most of IofC’s work and make significant contributions of time and skill. Many of its full-time workers receive modest salaries or allowances and in-kind support.

We believe that individual financial contributions can be very powerful, no matter how small. Personal commitment and sacrifice have always been the mainstay for funding IofC’s work. We have regular giving schemes which make it easy for individuals to contribute through payment gateways on our website.

We also look to institutional funding as a crucial support base and are increasingly approaching Trusts and Governments for project funding. At the same time, we plan to engage the business community through our various programmes and conferences, and partner with the corporate sector on specific initiatives.

New funding is needed to enable us to meet the growing demand for our local and global work. Contributions are usually most tax efficient through IofC’s national associations. Enquiries can be directed through the Treasurer: Email here

‘Many of the world’s problems – and their solutions – are rooted in human nature. Fear, hate, greed and indifference perpetuate injustice, poverty, conflict and environmental destruction. Yet it is also in human nature to be compassionate, courageous and creative. People can live the change they wish to see. Each person has something unique to contribute to building a just, peaceful and sustainable world.’
From the Preamble to the constitution of IofC International

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