An American in the Middle East

An American in the Middle East


An American in the Middle East by Harry AlmondThis is a story that spans a half-century of tumultuous relationships between America and the Middle East as seen through the eyes of an American who had extraordinary opportunities to meet a wide range of personalities in the Arab and Muslim world.

Harry Almond's memoir depicts the growth of heart and mind of a patriotic American towards the Islamic world beginning in 1944. Starting out as a young missionary and teacher in Iraq and Bahrain, he and his wife Beverly later worked with the program of Moral Re-Armament (Initiatives of Change, IofC) for many years, living for a time in Egypt and then Lebanon, and traveling widely in other Muslim countries.

This book details for the first time several pioneering developments in IofC's interfaith diplomacy and provides timely reading for anyone wishing to better understand some of the crucial issues of today.

The final project of Harry Almond’s life, it offers an insightful salute to and record of his encounters with the people, politics, faith and history of a part of the world he loved and respected and always delighted in sharing with others.

We all need insights on how to build trust between the Western and Muslim worlds and Harry Almond's book is important in this regard. It is the product, not of a few official postings to the Middle East, but of a life dedicated to the peoples of that area. It shows how networks of friendship, covering all walks of life, can be achieved, despite historic divisions and the cynicism of much diplomacy. His approach to problems was always constructive and his motivation unselfish. If common cause is to be found among differing faiths and cultures, it will be by learning from his experience.

A.R.K. Mackenzie, former British Ambassador

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