Dialogue and Citizenship

Change the way we look, create trust, become citizen actors of change

Dialogue and Citizenship (C&D) is a programme from Initiatives et Changement France. C&D aim is to create relationships of trust between people of different cultures by respecting the identity of everyone through opening out to one other. C&D is a active member of the collective Pacte Civique.

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Conferences, training, talk, dialogue, round table…

Frequency and Timing

Monthly meetings, citizen meetings every two month, trainings twice a year, conferences, debates and other events don’t have a special frequency


Paris and surrounding cities, Mediterranean area

Active since



This progamme was created in reaction to the riots in suburbs of Paris and other French cities in 2005. We decided to create a programme which would contribute to opening the debate on common values, on the expectations of everyone regarding the future, to advocate a culture of exchange and dialogue, to unite the national community and guarantee a better pluralism of ideas.

Aims and Objectives

Our society today needs the emergence of new “Us”. An “Us” that reunites women and men, citizens of all cultures, who engage together for our rights, equality, respect and against racism and discrimination of all kinds. “Us” from now on represents this gathering of citizens all respecting their plural identities and all trusting in the common values of our society.

Process and Approach

Dialogue and Citizenship programme organizes different events: conferences, public meetings, talks, workshops, trainings, citizen debates… The facilitators and trainers of these events are employees and trained volunteers, and we also invite speakers who are experts in the tackled issue. Participants are expected to work on themselves, meet the other with respect and behave as a citizen.


We help to build bridges between citizens from differing origins, cultural practices and generations. We have help cities and association to create a space for dialogue, to connect people and build respect and understanding.


“It’s not easy to answer fears with only comforting words. The day my muslim friend Béchir told me that some of his coreligionist had narrow-minded speeches which scared him, I realized that his fears echoed mine, and it made me feel better. Together we can find solutions.” Frédéric

“I grew in a place marked by diversity. The Carrefours of Ideas made me open up my mind even more especially towards people reluctant to diversity. It’s a daily groundwork. It’s important for my children too. I want to be reassuring.” Isabelle

Target Audience

Our expected participants are committed citizens, opinion leaders, association members, but also people who just want to discuss subjects with people with different opinions. Our participants cover a wide range of ages, from teenagers to retired people, and come from very different social backgrounds.


We are funded by foundations, subsidy and individual donation.

We received funds from the Region Ile-de-France, the Regional Council, the Anna Lindh Foundation and also some private founders.


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Online presence

Website; Facebook; Twitter: @InitiativeDialo