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A Dialogue on the Meaning of Sustainability

Wednesday, 12. May 2021 - 12:00 to 13:30


All sectors of society - governments, business, civil society, and the media - have critical roles to play in establishing a world in which every community is just, peaceful, and sustainable. Yet, do we as businesspeople have a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make businesses, jobs, and lives sustainable? Can we share a common international vision of what is needed? Are we willing to undertake shared coherent actions?

Join the Initiatives of Change Business & Economy Programme for a series of six interactive international seminars exploring the different facets of sustainability and how they integrate into the business sector. Each seminar will feature keynote speakers, open debate, and opportunity for exchange in small groups. Participate in an informative exchange of ideas for the purpose of inspired action!

Upcoming Seminar

Businesses' social and local responsibilities

12 May, 12:00 - 13:30 GMT

It’s generally understood that companies have responsibilities beyond their shareholders, towards their various stakeholders. However, are businesses out to create jobs, correct economic and environmental imbalances, tackle the root causes of poverty and bring dignity to the less privileged? Or is their sole obligation to make a neutral contribution to society in complying with the law and compensating for occasional damage?


Nazeh Ben Ammar

Former chairman of MAMI, a leading trade house and turnkey factory supplier for the textile industry, Nazeh Ben Ammar has launched several other businesses. Among his many civic and social commitments he is a founding member of CONECT (Confédération Nationale des Entreprises Citoyennes de Tunisie, Employer Association), Carthage Business Angels, and Wiki Start up. He is also the president of a philanthropic NGO helping deprived children from the region of Thala in Tunisia.


Nicolas and Elisabeth SoubeletNicolas and Elisabeth Soubelet are the founders and managers of SQUIZ, a value-driven company producing reusable pouches, an ethical alternative to disposable food pouches to allow families to combine healthy eating while reducing waste. The company is B Corp certified and Elisabeth is a board member of B Lab France, dedicating a large part of her time - as a volunteer - to the goal of both inspiring action and providing free, concrete tools to use business as a force for good in France



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Future Seminars

  • Effective partnerships to turn business into a transformative force in society



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