Dialogue on Democracy 2013

Haciendo Realidad la Democracia – un Diálogo sobre Democracia, India 1-5 de febrero

Dialogue on Democracy 2013


“We must understand that shaping our own destiny requires not only a sense of purpose but also a sense of responsibility.” - Aung San Suu Kyi (In her message to ‘Making Democracy Real 2012’)

The dialogue in January 2012 on ‘Making Democracy Real’ brought together concerned citizens and leaders of movements struggling for real democracy.

Recent developments have brought even bigger challenges to both the emerging and the established democracies. Can ordinary people who long for real freedom, be empowered to make a difference? The Dialogue will examine some of the challenges and our responsibilities as stakeholders of democracy.

This dialogue endeavours to bring together leaders and active citizens, from over 35 countries, who will discuss the challenges and opportunities they face. Through its format of plenary and breakout sessions, the dialogue will give delegates a deeper understanding of world issues and also an opportunity to collectively seek solutions and ideas to strengthen democracy.

The 2014 Dialogue on Democracy will take place 10-14 January.

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Conference Reports

Democracy Must Deliver

‘Democracy must deliver’, was the challenge given by Prabhat Kumar, Chair of the IC Centre for Governance, in the opening ceremony of the second Dialogue on Democracy at Asia Plateau, the Initiatives of Change centre in Panchgani, India. Kumar, a former Cabinet Secretary of India and former Governor of Jharkhand, said that democracy was grounded in a faith in the goodness of man. But now that faith was being challenged.

BLOG: My first freedom square!

Chris BreitenbergBlog article: Chris Breitenberg writes about his experience of his first freedom square!

Day 2 - Making it practical

Freedom SquareThe second day of the Dialogue on Democracy - Making Democracy Real focussed on some of the things needed to make it practical. These included sessions looking at the vexed issue of corruption and the inclusive nature of democracy.

BLOG: My first responsibility

Jacob 'Coby' Goodwin (PHOTO: Mike Lowe)Blog article: Jacob 'Coby' Goodwin reflects on the question 'who is my brother' while attending the Dialogue on Democracy - Making Democracy Real.

BLOG: Reflections on Making Democracy Real

Jonty Herman (Photo: Mike Lowe)Jonty Herman came to the Dialogue on Democracy to capture stories on film. But he found something deeper for himself as well.

Report - Conclusion

Women from Grampari address the participantsMike Lowe reports on the conclusion of the Dialogue on Democracy - Making Democracy Real at Asia Plateau, Panchgani, India, 1-5 February.